Bangkok «Dusit Zoo», is the oldest and perhaps most interesting zoo in Thailand.Investigation of all its parts will take almost a whole day, and the opportunity to feed the inhabitants will make a nice change to walk in the park. Many animals living here, will not leave you indifferent. With some of them, you probably will not find anywhere else. For example, it is possible to meet a cassowary, which fell in the “Guinness Book of Records” as the most deadly bird in the world.

Photo cassowary

It is home to the Malay and false garialy garialy, whom we met in “Chitwan Park” and mistaken for the real thing.

Maher (left) and Gharyan (right) - warm company

Hippos can be seen in various zoos of the world, but the dwarf Hippo «Hexaprotodon liberiensis», occur less frequently.

We felt that the dwarf hippos are more active than their "full" brothers

Several ponds located within the park, connected by channels and are an excellent habitat for lizards, turtles and a wide variety of fish. Fish impress with their sizes and shapes – which is only this Mekong giant catfish.

"Pangasianodon gigas" - is the name of this huge fish in Latin ... At this fish such a big mouth, that there easily fit an adult head

Well fed fish and all – without consequences, unless of course their mouths are not poking fingers deep … With lizards same situation is somewhat different … I decided to somehow closer to photograph a large monitor lizard. Watching over the pond swims big muzzle. Well, I figured landing path and into the bushes – intercept. Camera set up and sit waiting. It is ten meters separates us, then five, three, and he swims straight at me and does not turn off. Here I mean not resist jumping out of the bushes and come what may!

On the banks of ponds and channels thrive marabou bird that build their nests in trees and talk incessantly about her. These birds are so huge that several times I caught myself wishing duck closer to the ground, especially when large specimens flew over my head. I even had the feeling that I paleontologist suddenly realize their dreams and caught in the Cretaceous or Jurassic period, living on the Earth pterodaktelyami and Pteranodon. Top attacked me angry winged dinosaurs, huge downstairs hunting lizards, and a little to one side, everything happening blankly watched turtles.

Birds, for whom it is pleasant to watch - if one of them you had not gobbled up ...


Completely indifferent observer)

Only hippos all uneasy, they are always ready to just two things: eat and sleep. If you’re lucky, you can get to feed the hippos and even participate in it. Very interesting sensations feel peering into a huge fang mouth … herbivore.

I am a little begemoshka, put a little cabbage ...

Every self-respecting zoo have a terrarium and Bangkok zoo is no exception. We remember him garialami, which I have already mentioned, a huge anaconda and a king cobra – with which you can play snake handler. It’s enough just to wait for their activity, put his hand to the glass and slowly move the index finger portraying pendulum. Cobra will climb higher and higher until it snaps in one level with your eyes and then you notice what her amazing hypnotic gaze.
Obitateli terrariuma

Milыe and dobrodushnыe obitateli terrariuma

Zoo «Dusit Zoo» is constantly evolving and rebuilt, thereby improving animal welfare. In the near future promises even settle for koalas and have already built a suitable house. In this zoo we were not once, but he left us such a pleasant experience that it would be desirable to return again and again.

Even hidden behind the walls of the zoo meerkats do not feel safe

Track at the zoo


Zoo «Dusit Zoo» is located in Bangkok at 71 Rama 5 Road, Dusit 10300. Opening hours 8:00-18:00 hours, admission ticket for adults costs 150 baht and 75 baht for children.