Long flights are not the best way affects the well-being: neck numb, swollen feet, and the body of an unpleasant sensation. Ease him back after hours of sitting in a chair close airplane yoga help. Specially designed asanas and breathing exercises to help improve circulation and get rid of headaches and anxiety, it is easy to perform without even getting out of his seat. Instructor “heavenly” yoga advocate monitors built: flexes muscles on the body and can board without interfering neighbor. This service is already available on flights “Qatar Airways”, “Thai Airways” and “Hong Kong Airlines”, and this year the service will be on board and other airlines.

Special exercises were designed for passengers Anne-Marie Newland, founder Yocalm service , together with a group of experts. Course “Celestial Yoga” – the author’s technique, which gives the opportunity to relieve stress and maintain a comfortable feeling at the height of ten thousand meters.Comprising a set of asanas can be performed in a limited space. A workout serve rotational movements of the head and feet, and then you can move on and to exercise a little more complicated.

1. Pose sitting crane. Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor shoulder width apart. Inspiratory pull your right knee to your chest and exhale slowly push her ​​thigh. Try to stretch the buttocks, it will help strengthen the blood supply. Hold this position for three breaths (15-20 seconds) and repeat with the other leg.

2. Pose Baby Buddha. Raise your right knee and place the foot on the left knee, with hips to the side.Inspiratory combine hands palms together and lean forward slightly pushing his elbow on the right knee and opening the inner side of the thigh. After three breaths, repeat the exercise with the other leg.

3. Pose eagle. crosslegged. On the inhale, lift your hands over your head, hands folded as if in prayer. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds and relax. This exercise works on the back muscles and spine and open the chest, promoting deep breathing. Repeat it several times.

4 . Climbing the hands of the lotus posture , basic asanas in yoga. Please use the arm of the chair, breathe slowly and deeply. During the execution of the exercise increases your heart rate and improves blood circulation.

5. Pose to relax back. Stand up straight with his hands on his waist. Tighten your abdominal and gluteal muscles, inspiratory little backbends. Throw back his head is not necessary. Hold for five to seven seconds, return to starting position and repeat the exercise several times with a short rest between sets.

Be careful: the clothes in which to spend hours of flight should be comfortable, non-marking and practical. Better to abandon the tight jeans, and select wide knit pants and a cotton shirt or a loose shirt. Such clothing will not hamper the movements and allows you to unwind during exercise.

However, rejuvenate after a tiring trip can not only in heaven but on earth. Special rooms for yoga began to appear in international airports around the world. Find them simply: used to refer to a unique icon, which schematically depicts a man sitting in the lotus position. The world’s first yoga center was opened at the airport in San Francisco in 2012