How to relax outside the box, and with flair of sophistication? No, it’s not about visiting Buckingham Palace ceremony attended by monarchs. offers more knowledge in the field of winemaking, namely, to go to a wine tour.

Wine tours tour operators began to offer after a gastronomic journey. By the way, wine tours are much more popular, because the risk of overweight is less.

Of actual proposals, among which the European wine regions, Canada, which also can visit THE LARGEST DINOSAUR MUSEUM , and the United States, where some tour operators offer to visit FAVORITE PLACES HEROINES OF “SEX AND THE CITY” , tourists often choose wine tours in the Old Light. Because here two advantages: time-tiring flight and real pearls winemaking. Those names that previously could only be read on the labels of the best wines, can be seen at the entrance to this or that city, where the wine comes from.

Most popular wine tours to France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria. Closes this list of Moldova – despite the long tradition of winemaking, the level of service is still not very high to satisfy the wishes of the most discerning travelers. We decided to examine the material in its wine tours to France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, as they still are most popular among tourists.

Wine tour of France

 Wine tour of FranceWine tour of France

Wine tours in France – a classic of the genre. Look in Bordeaux red wine which is officially known throughout the world since the end of the XIX century.

In Burgundy, try Pinot Noir and Beaujolais. They are lightweight and rich aroma. Be sure to visit the provinces of Champagne, Chablis, Cognac and Provence.

But do not expect that French winemakers are ready to trust to communicate with tourists. They appreciate their skills and do not tell the guests about professional secrets.

You can also make a trip to the “AGE OF NAPOLEON”, CORSICA , here too there is a very tasty wine with a rich history.

Wine Tour of Italy

 Wine Tour of ItalyWine Tour of Italy

Italy promises not only a wonderful VACATION AT SEA and the incredible beauty of nature and architecture.Favorable geographical position of Italy gives local winemakers to create different flavors of wine. Depending on the climatic conditions in one part of the country gets the best the wine in the other – sweet.

Most popular wine tours – in Veneto, Lazio, Florence, Pisa, Siena and Tuscany. Here winemakers create Chianti, Frascati, Carbenet, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera.

Wine Tour of Spain

 Wine Tour of SpainWine Tour of Spain

Spaniards love to take tourists interested in local winemaking. Wine tour includes a visit to Catalonia, Andalusia and Seville.

Cost foresight to bring a warm jacket to keep warm in the cool cellars. A distinctive feature of Spanish winemakers – despite the age of new technologies, they still hold a drink in bottles of dried and hollowed out pumpkins.

However, if a wine tour you want to do just part of your stay, in Spain better not go through a tour operator, but independently. More about this in our article ” HERSELF GUIDE TO SPAIN . “

Wine Tour of Switzerland

 Wine Tour of SwitzerlandWine Tour of Switzerland

To see originates from the famous wine Merlot, have to go to Ticino. Waiting for tourists on the slopes of Les Loew and La Cote, where there are large vineyards.

And yet, as in Switzerland, is simply impermissible not visit the wonderful amusement park ” EUROPA-PARK “, located on the border of Germany, France and Switzerland, near the resort of Baden-Baden.

Wine Tours: amateur and professional

 Wine toursWine tours

Wine tours are designed for amateurs and professionals. First go to the tour group, which is preparing to be the standard program. This visit wineries and storage, the story of the production technology and amusing facts from the history of winemaking. Apotheosis becomes tasting tours of all wines.

For professionals prepared another program THE BEST PLACES TO DIVE in the wine culture. With winemakers they speak the same language, in such a wine tour as much useful and practical information. Most often, such organize wine tours for sommeliers, wine business owners, restaurateurs, brand managers, alcohol companies and firms distributors.

How to taste wine during a wine tour?

 Tasting wine tour duringTasting wine tour during

Unaccustomed to wine tour not be detrimental to health, should not be abused tasting. The main thing – to feel the aroma of the wine and not drink a glass to the bottom.

Before the tour guides tell tourists how to taste wine properly need to PROTECT THEMSELVES IN THE JOURNEY THROUGH THE WINE PLACES . Quickly master this science does not work, but you can try.

First we need to evaluate a wine’s color and depth. It tells about the origin of the drink and its quality. And if Shake wine and watch as it flows down the walls, you can set how much alcohol in wine.

During the tasting obligatory assessment and smell the bouquet of wine. You can do it, shake the glass.

To evaluate the taste of wine, you need to hold it for long in the mouth and listen to the sensations. Do not forget about the aftertaste. Most often, it differs from the original flavor of wine. Interestingly, the taste of alcohol should disappear very quickly, and will dominate a delicate flavor. The longer the finish, the vintage wine.

Lose one’s head from the famous wines on a wine tour time quite easily. And earn headache, by the way, too.Therefore guides prudently advise tourists not to abandon lunch before tasting. This makes it easier to transfer the action of alcohol, as most tourists after a light tasting is not averse to drink a glass or two of wine you liked.

The cost of the wine tour starts from 800 euros. It may increase depending on the wishes of the traveler, for example, wine or wine bath massage, which is also offered at the winery.

Wine HOLIDAY CAN BE ENJOYED THE WHOLE YEAR IN A ROW . Therefore, to take a dip in this wine, or simply give it a try, no need to wait for the grape harvest season, and you can book tickets for any convenient time.