Beach vacation is not the time of year. After all, if correctly choose the country with the same success can bask under the sun in January and in July. Well, to make it easier to determine which country to choose to STAY AT SEA , we’ve compiled the ten best beaches in the world.

The best beach in Australia: White Heaven Beach («White Heaven”)

Beach with the romantic name “White Heaven”, or White Heaven Beach, on the Australian coast is unique in that white and very fine sand there is never heated. It is believed that this sand turns out very beautiful glassware. This is one of the world’s best beaches on the island of Whitsunday. It looks fabulous on one side surface of the water, and on the other – National Park.

On the beach “White Heaven” can be mastered very popular in Australia cricket. In preparing a stunning beach cafes to taste cocktails, so there is a risk of losing his head.

Best beach in Spain: Las Salinas

 Las Salinas BeachLas Salinas Beach

Combine a beach holiday with a visit to trendy clubs are in SPAIN , Ibiza. Welcome to the best beach of the island Las Salinas, which gained the status of a favorite place of the “golden” youth.

Schedule rest will be such that the pre-stands to gain strength and energy of the morning – swimming and sunbathing, and in the evening and at night – incendiary parties in clubs and on yachts.

Best beach Bahamas: Yarbour Island

 Beach Harbour IslandBeach Harbour Island

Bahamas – it’s always a beach vacation suites. Ideal conditions for both lovers soak up the sun and fans OF ACTIVE REST . But among Bahamian beaches there is one that stands out unusual shade of sand. Yarbour Island on it pink. Likely therefore that the second name is perhaps the best beach of the Bahamas was “Pink Sands”.Especially beautiful beach at sunset, when everything is painted in the color of flamingos.

And more: Yarbour Island is very popular among honeymooners and couples romantically inclined.

Best beach in Greece: Perissa

 Perissa beachPerissa beach

The blue sea and the black sand … And it is not fantasy. On the Greek island of Santorini has a beach Perissa, sands which since ancient times painted black.

The reason is that before here regularly occurred volcanic eruption. Lava and ash did their “black” thing. But precisely because of this Perissa now popular among tourists and is considered almost the best beach IN GREECE FOR SEA . Add flavor and rocky shells, painted in different colors of lava.

Best Beaches of Seychelles: Beaches Bird Island

 Beaches Bird IslandBeaches Bird Island

Initially, hosts one of the best and most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles were feathered. But then the locals and their chosen. And today at Bird Island built mini-hotels that provide guests the opportunity to relax in a quiet and calm. All beaches are private, so there will not be noisy stray tourists who can spoil the impression of the Seychelles.

Zest Seychellois HOLIDAY BY THE SEA that he always goes to the accompaniment of a huge number of birds living in the forests. During the holidays in this heavenly place did not want to think about life, where cars, traffic jams, endless calls to mobile phones, and other costs rush of modern rhythm.

The best beaches of the Maldives: “private” lagoon

 Beaches in MaldivesBeaches in Maldives

Even experienced travelers find it difficult to name the best beaches in the MALDIVES . This is not just a narrow strip of land, a lagoon with crystal clear water and white sand. No coincidence that on the beach MaldivesANASTASIA arranged her scandalous photo shoot in the style of “nude”.

Nice beaches of the Maldives by the fact that any of them may in many ways be uninhabited. Owners of small hotels provide guests with a service in a private lagoon disposal. It is particularly popular with honeymooners on their honeymoon.

Best beach in French Polynesia: Bora-Bora (Bora Bora)

 Bora Bora BeachBora Bora Beach

Bora Bora Island – is synonymous with the best beach in the world. Nature has created here and tried lagoon with clear water, mountains, beaches closing from drafts, all shades vegetation and abundant wildlife. And the French have added this corner of charm, gallantry, grace and captivating. This place promises a VACATION PARADISE .

The best beach in Brazil: Copacabana

 Copacabana BeachCopacabana Beach

In a city where all year round samba, is the world’s gay beach – Copacabana. He became as much a symbol of Rio de Janeiro, as the statue of Christ the multimeter.

At length Copacabana stretches for five kilometers. Seasoned travelers joke that it’s a real beach town. To fit well in the seething atmosphere Copacabana, do not need to be in anticipation of chocolate tan. Correct to play outdoor games or learn to dance the samba on one of the best beaches in BRAZIL .

Best Beaches in India: beaches far from the tourist area

 Best Beaches in IndiaBest Beaches in India

Everyone, without exception, state OF INDIA has beautiful beaches, most of which could be called the best beaches in the world. Although they can not be called paradise, fashionable and fun. The majority of Indian beaches still remain as they were before the tourist flow to the country. They are quiet, not built-up water parks, promenades and clubs. The best place for leisure and relaxing beach HOLIDAY AT THE SEA .

Best beach Cuba: Varadero (Varadero)

 Varadero BeachVaradero Beach

A very popular beach, which became a symbol of rest on CUBA and is considered its best beach. Varadero extends the length of many kilometers. Due to its popularity on the beach is always a great number of tourists. But it does not hurt to find a secluded spot where no sunbathers near neighbors.

Varadero is especially good for those who like outdoor activities. There is fishing, jumping off the boat, surfing and well explored ROUTES FOR DIVING … Boredom is unlikely to succeed, unless, of course, do not run away from other travelers in a more peaceful place and lay on the sand, covered with chocolate tan Cuban on this one of the best beaches in the world .