I carried a beautiful dream,

And in the fragrant air-calmness,

In a country where bunches of amber-gold,

I recognize myself above the Rhine.

Fyodor Glinka


First, the Christmas market, which you can write indefinitely, but it is useless, because all you need to see with their own eyes, soak in hot spiced mulled wine pairs (it here, do not hesitate to savor every sip, drink throughout) nod in response Losik and decorative snowman provocatively hanging from the roofs of temporary stalls and cafes …

Secondly, as if covered with multicolored glaze Basel Cathedral, are announced regularly struck the bells cheerful city. Incidentally, in this cathedral city buried unreservedly loving Erasmus of Rotterdam.

The view from the observation deck of the Council of BaselThe view from the observation deck of the Council of Basel

Third, founded in 1459 the University of Basel – one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe.

Do not forget about the town hall reminiscent of a gingerbread house, and be sure to select your favorite fountain of the total composition of futuristic-industrial fountain Tingley.

If your soul needs something more than to see you – Art Gallery in Basel, and now that something is not small, but it promises to be a giant with the erection of a new building. And, of course, do not go past the museum of dolls, with its rich collection of bears “Teddy”, including raised from the “Titanic”, toy houses with carefully dressed miniature interior details and clear as here wormed exhibition Marilyn Monroe, where you can not only enjoy dresses this stunning blonde, but also to talk to her on the phone …

For those who are always open Experience – straight to … the tram! Just half an hour and will take you to France, and there down to a quiet village in the gate and see that everything suddenly became French, without the slightest hint of Switzerland.

What and where to eat?

“Merge” turnout and passwords of all the best places.

The first “agent” for the declassification of – it’s all the same cafe at the Christmas market. Be sure to find a restaurant nodding deer sign in and Freeze delight of children, looking at the ceiling and riding train, and then make yourself potatoes with sausage or something vegetarian-Hawaiian to faint at the sight of the volume of dishes, and then “otest mind yourself, “try this vkusnotischi.

The second object, which we now surrender you mercilessly – Restaurant Kunsthalle. He is so good that catch him at least partially empty – something out of the category of fiction. Make a lasting impression painted half-naked figures in the spirit of the Renaissance walls of institutions. And in this ancient splendor right on parachute down Santa Claus, bringing in a Renaissance setting Kunsthalle something homemade.

Be sure to try the steak here – you will not regret!

Continue your gastronomic journey, visiting the restaurant “ghost» Baracca Zermatt, which is not far from the zoo.”Ghost” we called him, not because he looks just a little ethereal, but for the fact that this restaurant appears in Basel only in winter – to fly all the impressive design with brutal horns of wild animals, not less brutal bone chandeliers and massive brazier in the center of the room understands. And this, incidentally, is a good reason not to put off visiting Basel indefinitely – fondue restaurant, flavored with white wine and Kirsch excellent.

For lunch you to declassify restaurant Zum Braunen Mutz with the image of a huge muzzle bear in the lobby. Tyknite finger in any dish – get something delicious on the plate (we personally liked lososik).

Be sure to get to the restaurant Safran Zunft, literally next door to the town hall. He belongs to one of the most influential guild of Basel and the inside looks like that makes one want to immediately rites according to the dress code black tie, and then long to reminisce about his aristocratic roots in a conversation with some minister (just in Basel never had kings). ‘ll Order dessert note ice-cream with kirsch: is incredible!

And, of course, what a Switzerland without chocolate? That’s right, no. And therefore strongly recommend to try the whole palette of chocolate confectionery Beschle Chocolatier, manufactured by hand and because in small quantities. Who knows, maybe you even allowed into the holy of holies, and will make a unique chocolate? Here and it happens, yes!

And if now you have rummage in the fridge, trying to drown out the feeling of hunger after all these enticing descriptions, our advice to you better close the door and rummage in the Internet – all of a sudden be able to purchase a ticket to Basel. Once again, Herzlich Willkommen!