Bangkok is very large city, spread their possessions on both sides of the Chao Phraya River (Chao Phraya). And of course, the wide streets of the city filled with cars.
cork Bangkok

From early morning until late at night on highways move hundreds of cars, motorcycles, taxis, buses and tuk-tuks (three-wheeled mopeds performing the role of cabs). There is always noisy, but people on the sidewalks not so much – someone running, someone goes to the truck and almost nobody goes on foot. With such noisy and polluted streets, we prefer to roll in some narrow lane and passed between the houses to be in a quiet peaceful street, where life goes on.
lane Bangkok

Bangkok tropical capital of the state, and therefore there are no harsh winters and cold winds. That is why (we think) Thais are not hidden behind thick walls and prefer semi-open space to work with. Houses on prime streets usually have 2 – 3 floors and wooden walls often.The upper floors are residential, and the first floor is the master, dining room or shop. Here instead of doors gates in the wall that are open in the daytime, and at night additionally locked bars. It is here and spend their everyday lives most of the residents of Bangkok.

So what do the Thais on weekdays? Walking the streets of the capital, we noticed some separation by working-class districts. Go out on one of the streets and you see on the first floor houses a stack of boards, neatly stacked on the shelves in the back of the room and closer to the light stand carved wooden doors, decoration elements for wooden houses and immediately hands of skilled craftsmen carved create new elements.
lavka dosok

This street joiners, carpenters and craftsmen on wood. On the next street felt twang machine oil, and on the sidewalks can see some gears, springs, bolts and something else. On this street are engaged in repair of various mechanisms. And on the corner of one of the intersections are located chasers. Here are the usual pots of metal.
production gorshkov

A small street next to Khao San Road is designed for jewelers. Here showcases bags littered with various trinkets, and where in the back of the store hiding jewelers create new “jewels.” At the end of this street course bridal salons. Luxury white dress with embroidered flowers adorn the showcases. However, you can find traditional Thai outfits of very beautiful fabrics.
Jewelry, Bangkok
Fashion Jewelry

Wedding Salon Bangkok

Speaking of tissues. If you need to make something unusual, or you are a master at creating beautiful clothes then you straight to the Indian quarter. Here on the sidewalks of several streets have shops tissues. Plenty of colorful rolls on the shelves are full, adorn the walls and even stand in the aisles. Buttons, buckles, bows, ribbons and other accessories are placed on trays in front of the shops. Doing extremely narrow pavement.

Coming quarter tissues already felt subtle floral scent. It is the largest flower market around Bangkok. Whole armfuls of roses, carnations, chrysanthemums stand wrapped in newspapers on both sides of the sidewalk. There is also a lotus bud and gerberas and many other kinds of flowers, whose names are not familiar to me. Many salons you can collect a bunch of any flowers or just want to offer the ready-made options.
flowers in gvzetah
Aunt makes bouquet
beautiful lotus

Near the naval corps undoubtedly there are shops with sea form straps, caps and shoes.Some shops are not grouped. Here’s an example bagetnaya workshop. And behind her shop to manufacture something like kozinaki. Specific tailors involved rather minor repairs can be found on any sidewalk, however, making workshops are also found in different places. And next key making and shoe repair. Incidentally, many channels are found not only lizards, but also a lot of fish. And of course there are fishermen. ‘s grandmother sells something edible.Though street food – a very common phenomenon in Bangkok and probably deserves special attention. Meanwhile, our walk through the small streets of Bangkok knotsu approaches, I hope you had us wondering.




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