«Surat (Surat Thani) – Chair province, lay the river Tapi, near Her at Siamese Bay. City is a large transport hub and attracts tourists in Oct quality transit points to the island Samui, Phangan and Tao. 15 kilometers from the city of Station is the southern railway, 30 km airport, the ferry have several marinas, including and in the city, “- such a dry characteristic of this city. 

Bus from Don Saka brought us into the city centre. Concrete four-storey house seemed hung from the top; street with narrow side walks were filled with cars, motorcycles and minibuses, pedestrians hurrying about their business – the usual urban bustle. 
But when we turn to the next street, as everything has changed. Rare car, turned off the main streets, slowly crawling through the alleys, sellers in shops frozen in meditative poses. After another quarter of the noise of engines and screeching brakes replaced by birdsong and loud conversations bystanders. Greyish concrete buildings alike dilute now small wooden fishing houses. We walked along the roadway – the machine practically disappeared.

Surat Thani street

At one of these streets, we met an old man who was born and raised in this town, but have not been here for 40 years, and now all lost. Apparently, for such period the city has changed, but it seemed to us that the time around the opposite stop.Bench Surattani

Strayed into the territory of one of the Thai Buddhist temples, where the cool shade of the trees not hastily walked monks and kids playing.
Monastery, Surat Thani

At the exit discovered a tiny house, located in the middle of the pond. Who is an inhabitant of this strange “home” – we could not figure out – doors were locked. But in the pond, despite the dull green colour, we noticed some fish fins and armoured back turtles. Some of them were basking in the sunshine .. Only the biggest and oldest turtle always followed us poking his head out of the water.
skull Surattani

Surattani, Kitayskoe building

So we soon came to the embankment. River view at first concealed wooden buildings with two outputs: one for the road with parked mopeds and old pick up trucks, other waterfront with moored fishing boats. Later, however, the house changed little cargo port and here we went for a neat wide side walk along the river. The breeze from the sea faint smell pleasantly refreshing. And on the other side of the street our attention swallow. They circled around the houses in the narrow openings roofs. At first we did not attach much importance, only a deafening loud birdsong us a bit confused. And later recalled. It’s a mini-farm on cultivation of edible birds’ nests! Small dark room where kept at a constant humidity and temperature, and continuously heard from the speakers cry of birds. And all this that aims to lure swifts (swallows and not as we first thought) and get them to build their homes throughout the year. Nests are harvested and sold for some big money in China, where wealthy people regale soup most of these nests.

Surattani, Corks

After crossing the bridge we found ourselves in a small city park, nestled on the island. The island in the city is literally surrounded by greenery hiding neat paths and lawns with lots of benches and tables. But now part of the hidden paths and lawns with water and not to all the benches can be approached. And the matter is that the end of rainy season in southern Thailand – Tapi river is now the most full-flowing and many coastal areas, including the islands, flooded.

Here, as in Central Park has a pond, though so small that boats and catamarans do not ride. But you can sit on the beach in the shade of the tree roots hanging down into the water and feed the fish. To do this, the input even sell special food – little brown krugleshki in batches.

Surat Thani, pond,

And walking in the park, as we do, you can buy kakih-nibud nuts, soft drinks or ice cream, but the stalls are slightly different from ours.

Surattani, boat larёk

Imperceptibly began to darken. This meant that on the other side of the river was unfolding the night market and we rushed there in the light of the sunset sky.zakat, Surattani

The market is situated on the long promenade. Narrow footpath covered makeshift stalls on both sides. Sellers immediately prepare and offer treats to sample. 
‘s Copts fresh calamari, shrimp, mussels and sausage on a stickSurat Thani, seafood,

Near boiling syrup with colorful candies. Surattani, sweetness

For lovers of traditional food offered rice or noodles with curry and vegetables. From the speakers came the Thai music and a party atmosphere all around. By the number of people who came here you can see that the market is very popular. Perhaps this is a kind of hangout with friends and family get-togethers place seniors and students, and of course walking place young couples. Everyone is smiling and laughing fun, leisurely strolling along the river.Travelers on this “holiday stomach” almost never happens, but because the market looking at us with some surprise, but still glad to see.

Strolling along the stalls and considering different outlandish dishes, we saw some strange armored beetles. They do not look very appetizing, and none of the locals for some reason they did not take, and because we did not dare.

mechehvost, Surattani


We chose a small naborchik dryers, as well as orange juice and fruits, and of course it was impossible to pass up sticks with squid and oysters.

Part of the waterfront has been fitted dining (rather “options”) tables to the townspeople could quietly enjoy that bought in the market.

A small pier fishermen settled. Here you can buy fresh fish, crab, shrimp and mussels directly from the boat or on the shore.For sale by piers, Surattani

So quietly our evening came to an end and it was time to return to the station. We wandered down a dark road and remembered the last day: after all, even the most ordinary city may 
open a traveler with an unusual hand, perhaps the whole thing in the mood!
House perfume city Surat Thani