Many imagine Cuba as a country beach. Mojitos, beautiful beaches, cigars, hot dances, Che Guevara, pirate treasure. However, there is a special place in Cuba – Vinales Valley . Here, almost in the middle of the plains lie the hills of great beauty. Viñales karst origin, this feature explains that here formed the cave. By the way, so once any cave towns of Crimea .


Cuba Attractions

A characteristic feature of the hills – steep slopes that you can practice climbing. Irresistibility of this place adds “Prehistoric fresco” on one of the slopes. Bright colors, big figures that tell the origin of life on Earth and its evolution – a fascinating combination.


If you want to feel like a primitive man, then by all means go to the Indian Cave (Cueva del Indio), and you can still swim in a boat on an underground river, and at the entrance to the pier to drink the juice from sugar cane.

cave river

Another feature of this place is that you can meet special Cubans – skinned with blue eyes, it is not similar incendiary Havana macho. Perhaps they are the descendants of “white people” with Atlantis. Who knows …

Caves in Cuba

Why come here?

Be sure to climb on foot on one of the hills. The road passes by rural settlements, right in the middle of the yard where the hosts on the canvas dried rice, immediately run black pigs, and here grow avocados, bananas and other exotic fruits most . And when the road you will squeeze out all the juice (heat makes itself known), and you finally find yourself on top, ask responsive Kubinka make you a cup of mango or papayevogo Fresh.

juice production

And even if you’ve never sat on a horse, make sure you do it in the valley. To saddle horses will teach you the owner and maintainer go with rookie boy who will chat and show you everything, even if you are in Spanish only know gracias and hola, you’ll understand. Price is quite small, but you get a lot of fun!