Africa if you have associated only with EGYPT , it is time to expand the knowledge of geography and go to Morocco.This mysterious Islamic country is fraught with many interesting things. But to LEAVE brought only positive emotions, go to Morocco better with reliable companion. What else you need to know before TRAVELING to this African country.

Open your Morocco

Morocco – a hospitable country. Depending on the time of year your vacation here can hold and an avid skier, and a supporter of a beach holiday, and a fan of DIVING or surfing, and a lover to see a place with a rich history. Morocco offers a tourist for each new hand. And most likely you’ll find in this country is something special.

If the destination – beach VACATION , diving or surfing, welcome to the resort of Agadir. It gained the status of a better place in Morocco, where the beaches stretch for 10 kilometres, where most white sand, calm, clear sea and beautiful scenery. Hotels Agadir try to match the level of European tourists who are accustomed to luxury and high service.

Plunge into the historical past of Morocco, visit the ancient city of the country. Most frequently travel routes lie through Fez, Rabat, Meknes, Essaouira, Casablanca and Marrakech. Do not miss a chance to look at the main historical monuments of the country – The Golden Apples of the mosque Hassan II and the Bahia Palace.

Jewellery Morocco

Jewellery Morocco

Modesty in Morocco – the guarantor of a successful holiday

To your STAY in Morocco was not marred by unforeseen circumstances, try not to attract too much attention from the local population. The majority of it is Arab, which European girls in bathing suits or SHORTS x with open tops are still a novelty.

Reliable protection and guarantee of your safety can become strong and brave young man, which will not be scared to go to any excursion, even in the farthest corner of Morocco.

When a security issue has been resolved, it’s time to think about acquisitions, which you can do in Morocco. This country – a godsend for ethnic jewellery lovers. Most likely, you can not take your eyes off crafts of local artists who create wonderful earrings, hair ornaments, belts dances, etc.

Kitchen in Morocco

Kitchen in Morocco

Tasty holiday in Morocco

TOURISM in Morocco can be a trial for your figure. Local chefs always offer delicious meals that are unlikely to try even in the Arab restaurant in Russia.

Recommend paying attention to baked or roasted lamb. Be sure to try and Moroccan couscous. Do not be surprised if the restaurant will not submit to him a spoon or fork. In this country, couscous is eaten by hand.

Worth to take home a little Moroccan pastilles. Unlike the usual sweets, which are sold in Russia, in Morocco is candy and salty. Local chefs skilfully combine candy in dishes with fish, poultry and meat.

But if you are allergic to spices have to stock up on antihistamines. After all, no condiments in this country is not preparing any dish. To leave is not turned into a nightmare, will have to convince the chef to cook for you individual dishes.



When to go to Morocco?

HOLIDAY in this country you can spend at any time of year. Winter in Morocco is not below 15 degrees, and in summer the air is heated to 35 degrees. To get into the most successful period, should go in the spring or autumn, when it is warm and yet the sweltering heat. However, tour operators warn that at this time quality last-minute offers almost never happens. Better to book tickets in advance.

Customs Morocco

Customs Morocco

Caution: customs Morocco

Unemployed Arabs love to profit at the expense of tourists. Since almost all the guests OF THE COUNTRY are curious and want to know more about Morocco, Rogues can stick on the street and tell some trifle about a particular custom or historical fact. Do not give in to such provocations, because then you will require money for the service. And if you start to argue, it may be a spontaneous street fight. So stay away from talkative and passers-by. If necessary, use the services of the tourist guide or prospectus.

If you have not changed my mind to go to Morocco, maybe you should book a ticket for the fall? Hurry up, because during the peak season in Morocco mostly go newly-weds, the hotel provides the best rooms. Do not miss your chance and STAY in a mysterious Morocco will open for you a new side of Africa.