In the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar is a mysterious island with white sand beaches – Mauritius. Surround its beautiful coral reefs that make ocean surprisingly calm.

holiday in Mauritius

If you love luxury beach holiday, the Mauritius – for you! Hotels in Mauritius, all of the highest level, stylized traditional bungalow. At the same service on the island is no different from traditional hotels – swimming pools, gyms, saunas, restaurants and shops can be found at every turn.

Tourism in Mauritius

Mauritius – a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. You have the opportunity to go fishing on the high seas. Here, well caught – blue marlin, hammerhead fish, tuna and other fish. With that, the best time for fishing are considered in September-November. If you are fond of diving – come to Mauritius in the summer! In winter, strong winds attract surfers from around the world.

ekzotiyne most types of recreation

Mauritius is also ideal for those who do not like the big society. On this island are organized exclusively individual trips for the upper class. Therefore, it is often selected global star.

South-west coast

Arriving at Mauritius, be sure to visit the south-west coast of the island, with its multi-colored volcanic sand. It is a magnificent sight. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit this beautiful island!

However, if you still a supporter of recreation on the river or lake, and exotic is not about you. There is no more beautiful place than the Northern Dvina River. The most optimal option stops in Vitebsk, which passes through the Northern Dvina River, first, because the hotel Vitebsk relatively expensive, and secondly, in addition to rest not the river you can admire the city where a lot of attractions.