Why not go on vacation to the Principality of Monaco millionaires? And although most eligible bachelor of this elite corner of the planet – Prince Albert – ceased to be Charlene Wittstock thanks, there are still a lot of millionaires who can find lonely ladies. It’s time to hurry, because beach season, and with it the traditional holiday in Monaco, completed in September. The fact that the traveler should know that during the rest of Monaco wants to find a millionaire on northernhotels.co.uk. Of course, you can find a rich husband and during HOLIDAY IN THE PHILIPPINES, where too many millionaires, while exotic VACATION IN MOROCCO , or even ECOLOGICAL REST IN VIETNAM , but it was all Monaco associated with luxury – here are the best casinos and fantastic resorts. Even in normal traffic are not ordinary cars, and BUSINESS CARDS all millionaires – Limousine, Rolls-Royces and Cadillacs, which move the fans of gambling and “Formula 1″. Monaco – a paradise for millionaires.

Tourism in Monaco: Entertainment

 Things to do during your holiday in MonacoThings to do during your holiday in Monaco

Feel most comfortable in this tiny principality with knowledge of the French language. Although tourist sign language will not get lost in Monaco, which can cross on foot in a few hours. But the basic language skills will not hurt, especially those on holiday in Monaco is sent to find a millionaire.

But if the goal is not only TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE , but also excursions to visit, it is worth to visit Le Rocher – to see the old city quarter where the princely palace Grimaldi.

This part of the city – its formal and business heart. It should also look at the cathedral, which buried the legendary Grace Kelly (Monaco idolize her today), the Oceanographic Museum with an underground aquarium, Wax Museum … At Monaco Palace Square can enjoy the change of the guard of honor.

If plans shopping, you need to go to the district of La Condamine. Here are the main shopping areas, and in them – boutique brands. But enthusiasm for shopping do not forget about the exotic cactus park “Jardin Exotique” and the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology.

New Monaco can be seen in the area of ​​Fontvieille. Interestingly, that once there was a sea, but persistent monaktsy conquered land. The Principality is surrounded by water, so here appreciate every piece of land and carefully treat it clean. The main attractions of the area – Museum of Antique Cars of Prince Rainier III, with more than 100 exhibits, the largest stadium in the principality named Prince Louis II, philately and numismatics Museum, the Maritime Museum with a collection of copies of famous ships, zoological garden and landscape park.

As for sunbathing, they can take during your holiday in Monaco from May to September – the sea is very warm. And the beach, of course, the perfect place to find yourself a millionaire here …

Despite the tiny size of the principality, resorts where tourists will be happy, yet a lot. This Larvotto (of almost 4 km), Les Porter, Le Revuar, Monaco-Ville, Moneghetti, Port de Cap’s daily life, Saint-Michel and Saint-Roman.

Due to its climate Monaco gained fame and the best European thalassotherapy centers in Europe. There are many thermal and mud baths, where customers are offered programs, including massage, hand massage, underwater shower and mud.

Gambling vacation in Monaco: in search of a millionaire

 Monaco CasinoMonaco Casino

Gambling heart of Monaco – a Monte Carlo. Here at the light as butterflies fly gamblers. Here is the leading gambling house in Europe – Monte Carlo Casino. But if gambling is not your thing, welcome to the National Park dolls, and Japanese Garden. Try your luck at the roulette table in Monaco permitted to those who have reached 21 years. But that’s not all restrictions. Doors swing open casinos welcome if guests meet the dress code. For men – this jacket and tie for the ladies – an evening outfit.

Fans of different gambling choose to STAY close to them in the spirit of Monaco casino. For example, in San Le Casino you’ll find most fans of roulette and blackjack. And at Cafe du Paris – not the main part of the game and the title. Here come the famous dukes, princes, and other representatives of blue blood.

Despite the long history of the casino in Monaco, here still believe that beginners luck. The audience always complacently refers to the lucky ones who with glowing with excitement eyes tear big jackpot.

Expressway stay in Monaco looking millionaire “Formula 1″

 Formula 1 in MonacoFormula 1 in Monaco

Racing “Formula 1″ this year already in the past. And the following are expected in May. At this time on VACATION in Monaco attracts thousands of fans speed driving on the car. Tickets for the race are very expensive – from a few thousand euros. But even such a tidy sum does not deter those wishing to watch the action.

Some particularly prudent fans “Formula 1″ advance rent a room or even an apartment on the races as race suit, including, and in the city.

But for the sake of objectivity say that endure the race for the lead on the car can only fan. After all the noise from the powerful cars worth deafening, and the May heat is exhausting.

Tourism in Monaco – a fairy tale for many. But if you’re lucky to be in this tiny principality, use vacation at 100%. Go tell that to SAVE ON HOLIDAY is unlikely, but the returns will be relevant!

And when all the planned entertainment come to an end and before the flight will remain a matter of hours, not be amiss to give a farewell to REST ON THE SEA and make a last run to the shops. After leaving Monaco without branded sweets would be unforgivable. We suggest you pay attention to the candied fruit and chocolate. Well, if you bring home will be able to grab a millionaire, the rest, you might say, was a success!