Just recently traveled to the Indonesian islands seemed some exotic travel, but today proposals to spend a holiday in this country so much that such vouchers is no surprise. Particularly in demandlast-minute trips to Indonesia in April , when there is an opportunity to spend a minimum due to a large number of discounts. We only need to examine the options available and choose the one that seems most appropriate.

Every Indonesian island is unique, and almost all modern cities in this country emerged from the small fishing villages. Regarding this locality called Semarang. Once lived here a few fishermen families, but at the end of the XV century Islamic missionary came here and created a Muslim school, then this place became an important spiritual center.

During the reign of the sultan in the area were built several mosques. Perhaps in time there would be several more temples, but those plans did not materialize, as in 1678 the Arabs gave up without a fight the Dutch city to collect a debt. European colonizers greatly changed the face of Semarang, was built many new buildings. There are Christian churches that are now peacefully coexist with churches of other denominations.


If you want to have fun and to spend a holiday and at the same spend as little as possible, try to find some last minute. The sooner you do it, the better, as there will be more opportunities to pick up a good option. But do not count on too cheap holiday , because the prices of hotel services in Indonesia is not the lowest. Even before the tour reservation try to find out all the conditions of the trip, then to avoid any unnecessary questions.

Colonial architecture is a key attraction of Semarang, and it attracts thousands of foreign tourists the country.However, there is in this port city and another wealth – sandy beaches. It is recommended to go here in the mornings when the locals on the shore is extremely small, and no one will disturb tranquility. Going to the beach, it should be borne in mind that in the first half of the day on the ocean side strong winds causing large waves. There is going to a lot of surfers who arrange training and competing with each other.

On the beach you can also find small groups of divers. They explore the coastal territory, raise artifacts from shipwrecks are cataloged local oceanic flora and fauna. In Semarang, there are several diving clubs where you can get trained. The first dive is made with the instructor.

Small pier with yachts is the main decoration of the city’s port. Rent a sailboat can any foreigner. The cost of such services rather big, but they are in very high demand. For those who rent a yacht for a few days, often have discounts. On these ships has created favorable conditions, the wealthiest tourists take their car in for the entire holiday period.