Say on this Indonesian island in the Indian Ocean temples more than conventional homes. Want to check? Bali invites you on an exciting journey!


Bali Attractions

Balinese their homeland called the island of the gods. It is considered that at first they chose this piece of land exclusively for themselves, and then allowed to settle here people. However, with one condition: the earth residents should they cease to give thanks for it. Do not believe in this legend is difficult. On the island of a thousand temples diverse: large and small, little more modest and truly luxurious.

Beaches in Bali

And yet in this fantastic corner very important rituals. So, Bali offerings to the spirits required: here can be found everywhere baskets of palm leaves that are filled with exotic fruits and flowers, rice …

Bali island on the world map

Island of Bali on the world map occupies a special place. Especially as concerns the various ceremonies and rituals. Mass folk dance Kecak is a sacred ceremony. It is attended by about 150 people who show an excerpt from the epic Ramayana. You can enjoy this spectacle at sunset, near the Temple of Uluwatu. Rock on which it is located, menacingly hangs over the sea on the peninsula of Bukit – the southernmost point of Bali. Stroll to the beach Padang Padang. Human foot here if he had not set foot. It is in this unspoilt location filming Hollywood movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts in the title role. The main heroine here has met the man of her dreams. Who knows, maybe, thanks to the patronage of the gods and you are lucky to find your soul mate.

Diving in Bali

Holidays in Bali

The most romantic place on the island – the beach Jimbaran, that the south-west coast of Bukit.

For lovers of extreme ideal resort town of Kuta. With many surf schools located here, the ocean certainly humbled you.


After an eventful sports program must-eat. You will enjoy a delicious fried rice with additives nasi goring. Being in this place, do not miss the promised opportunity to pamper yourself with vitamins: tropical fruit you can eat all year round. In addition, the island very often served guests a traditional Chinese tea that promotes weight loss -milk oolong . It is brewed with sweet taste similar to milk and has an extremely healing properties.

Kitchen in Bali

Map of Bali: nature

Bali island – it is also an unprecedented world of the unique nature. In the Bird Park, near the town of Kuta, features more than 250 species of birds. Here you can see colorful parrots, speaking several languages. Near this place, in the reptile park, you’ll be amazed Komodo dragon – a real descendant of dinosaurs. In the Monkey Forest in Ubud feed the monkeys nuts and dried fruit, and in the elephant park, take the opportunity to ride on the back of this huge giant, admiring the giant trees and vines.

map of bali

Lots of bright colors and emotions you get from climbing the volcano Gunung Batur (who, incidentally, and to this day is active). It starts from the village of Kintamani.


Tired of impressions? Then you deserve a rest position. Choose for yourself the traditional aroma four hands.

In this paradise dreams become reality. And what else? Indeed, soon the New Year – it’s time for the execution of cherished desires. Treat yourself to an unforgettable trip to the island of the gods