Increasingly, sea space can meet Hollywood stars. And they’re not sharing a bottle cocktails luxurious yachts and conquer the waves. Repeatedly lens paparazzi got hunk MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY . Actor loves this sport, and directors for him even include movies scene where McConaughey boldly rushes into the ocean waves meet.

Hollywood blonde CAMERON DIAZ , despite its fragility, quite fearlessly behaves on the surf board. Actress even took off the mini-series titled how surf.

Enthusiasm for this extreme sport captured and JENNIFER ANISTON . In surfing 42-year-old actress while newcomer. But in the wake of awkward movements do not interfere with Aniston be the sexiest woman of all time, according to the magazine Men’s Health.

And while our country shackled frosts and snowfalls sleep, occurs in tropical countries glow ocean passions.Surfers, beginners and professionals, packed and shipped the board to catch the biggest wave of his life. If you dare, maybe try your luck and you? A, have already talked about the best PLACES FOR DIVING , this time tells the best routes for surfing tours.

Surfing Tour in Vietnam

VIETNAM has become attractive for surfers recently. But waves suitable for skiing, there have always been. Maybe that’s not the only discovery that will make for themselves tourists in this country.

The best local places to ski boards – South and South-East coast. Fans admired surfing waves that here even and smooth. But it is necessary to know a little secret – they are only in the mornings. Therefore surfers “larks” ride much nicer than “owls.”

But riding on the waves of the coast of Mui Ne – this is not just a sport, but also the most beautiful sight. Surfers do not just float on a wave, they catch the whole flow of sea foam. Outwardly, it looks as if the water under the board boils and boils.

Surfing Tour in Hawaii

 Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii

Hawaii Island is not just popular among tourists, but also a paradise for surfers. It is comfortable for both novice and aces this extreme sport. First – welcome to the southern shores of Hawaii! Huge waves here are rare, so you can safely exercise without putting lives at risk.

But surf aces will be more interesting to the north. At Sunset Beach, Haleiwa, Waimea Bay, Banzai-Payplan always very high and dangerous waves, to cope with them – a matter of honor true professional.

By the way, this time of year on the ISLAND surfing competitions that gather athletes from around the world. If you want to become an observer of this action, hurry up! Winners will be determined in January.

Surfing Tour in Ireland

 Surfing in Ireland

Surfing in Ireland

And what kind of surfing in IRELAND , skeptics may argue? There’s only a masterful dance step and in pubs treat domestic beer. Wrong! Ireland has only recently established itself as a destination for skiing on waves, but she already has fans.

Memorize: The best place for surfing in Ireland – Bundoran town, near which formed two famous waves – Peak and Pampa Point.

It is interesting that while surfing tour to Ireland to see its sights, not within any of the traditional tourist route. This “Rock Garden” Barren, is a natural stone “pavement”, menacing the Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands harsh.

Surfing Tour in Mexico

 Puerto Escondido in Mexico

Puerto Escondido in Mexico

Surfers Mexico is a country where you can ride the waves with the same comfort for all types of athletes. Pacific Coast attracts both amateurs and aces. It was there that arranged the most popular surfing venues – Los Bariles resort beaches of San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Manzanillo and Puerto Escondido.

Those who want to tickle your nerves and take a ride on the wave height of six to eight meters, pay to go on the jagged reefs. And preferring quiet skating suit sandy BEACHES of Mexico.

In this country, yet a huge influx of tourists willing to spend large sums of money. Therefore, the local population did not have time to feel the taste of profit and free ready to share its secrets of the best places to surf tours and features of the waves at different beaches.

Surfing Tour in Peru

 Surfing in Peru

Surfing in Peru

You might be surprised, but Peru is not suitable for A BEACH HOLIDAY . Local beaches seared scorching sun, constantly hanging over the coast fog, and water because of cold currents is not comfortable for swimming. And despite the fact that the country is located near the equator. But even such unsightly conditions can not stop surfing fans – they are attracted by a special character of the Peruvian coast.

It is believed that there is one of the longest waves in the world. And skate boards can be almost year-round. The uniqueness of surfing in Peru add dolphins and sea lions are not afraid of the board and fans peacefully splashing with them next door.

Surfing Tour in South Africa

 Surfing in South Africa

Surfing in South Africa

South Africa – one of the countries where surfing is included in the school curriculum. Therefore, if the child goes to school with the board, it does not mean that he has decided to shirk lessons. Places to apply the curriculum in practice in SOUTH AFRICA abound. But the most popular Cape of Good Hope Bay Hout Bay and the coast near the city of Durban. There is always a strong wind blows, and the water “walk” high waves.

But surfing in South Africa is dangerous because athletes ride almost in extreme conditions. Cases of attacks on surfers white sharks. Strange, but it does not stop tourists. Perhaps neighborhood sharks adds them adrenaline.

Surfing Tour in Australia

 Surfing in Australia

Surfing in Australia

In AUSTRALIA there is a legendary spot Bells Beach, better known as “surfing the coast.” It is almost half a century as a magnet for surfers around the world. They say that there are born very long and powerful waves.

Pro Bells Beach can hear different myths. Some of them, for example, beginners scare stories about the “diabolical wave.” Maybe that’s why a full house here never happens. Most often furrowed waves up to 50 surfers.

But perhaps the reason is that in the area there are no opportunities for entertainment, available on other popular resorts in Australia. Therefore, in Bells Beach only come true fans of surfing.

Surfing Tour in Bali

 Surfing in Bali

Surfing in Bali

About surfing on BALI know about 30-ies of the last century. Since then a lot of waves rolling on the shore, so the skill of the local population in skating on the board can only envy … Or learn from the experience. Indeed, Bali is unique in that there are several Russian openly surf schools especially for tourists from our country.

Bali for every surfer – and novice and professional – there is a wave of its own. Almost any beach you can find fans of this extreme sport. But it’s better to go to the beaches of Kuta and Legian, which are recognized surfing centers.

In winter, the most favorable conditions for skiing on waves – on the east coast of Bali. But if you’re a beginner, be wary of dangerous reefs.

Surfing Tour in Egypt

 Surfing in Egypt

Surfing in Egypt

EGYPT is popular with surfers for two reasons: there is great wind waves with suitable and very attractive pricing.

In this country you can ski all year round. Warm sun and wind constantly blowing always provide an opportunity to catch waves.

For the attention of tourists in Egypt are constantly competing two-surfing center – Hurghada and Dahab. But experienced surfers still prefer Hurghada, because here the most suitable conditions for skiing. But newcomers recommend Dahab there and starts skating small and quiet beaches.

Would you like to go on a surf trip?