Holiday can bring not only souvenirs, but also new experiences from initiation to the world of beauty. Is considered good manners to visit museums. And as in every country there are a great many, we have selected for you the most interesting.

Louvre, one of the best museums in France

The French capital is not only attracts fashionistas, honeymooners and romantic ladies. Travel to one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITIES IN THE WORLD PARIS is incomplete without a visit to the Louvre. It is located in the old royal palace, where a few centuries ago, the fate of France was solved by intrigues and love affairs.

Historical relics of the country gathered in it from the time described in the historical novels of the Capetian dynasty.Each ruler of France contributed to the collection of jewelery collection and art objects. Therefore, the Louvre museum and is considered universal: it exhibited objects of antiquity, art paintings, sculptures and exclusive jewelry.

Louvre Museum – the only museum where a year is not less than eight million visitors. Most of them, however, mostly going in the halls, “framing”, ” MONA LISA . ” By the way, because of the abundance of the crowd in front of the blade and defensive lines this little picture of Da Vinci, which began with the entire collection of the Louvre, the better to look at reproductions – in the museum from afar especially nothing to see. Better to devote time to the originals of statues of the goddess Nike and the Venus de Milo and paintings by Titian, De Goya, Raphael and Botticelli – all of them, except for Venus, are also located on the second floor, as well as “La Gioconda.”

An interesting feature of the Louvre is the equestrian statue of Emperor OF FRANCE Louis XIV, indicating the starting point of a virtual historical axis of Paris.

The cost of visiting the Louvre – 10 euros for visitors under 18 and students under 25 years old, studying in EU countries, free admission. On Wednesdays and Fridays after 18 hours to join the world of beauty can be a discount – for 6 euros.

British Museum: One of the best museums in the UK

 British Museum, United KingdomBritish Museum, United Kingdom

Planning a vacation in one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITIES of the world London, you must select one vacation day for a walk in the British Museum. He has more than 250 years, and during this time exposure increased to seven million exhibits.

The British Museum was one of the first in Albion. He appeared with three art lovers: the famous British physician and naturalist Hanse Sloan, Robert Harley Earl and antiquarian Robert Cotton, who donated their collections and libraries in favor of the country. And from the middle of the XVIII century every self-respecting art lover considered good manners to restock the museum.

Today the British Museum – a collection of archaeological finds, paintings, drawings, sculptures, coins, medals and even research.

Fee: free.

Met one of the best U.S. museums

 Metropolitan, USAMetropolitan, USA

Holidays in New York – it’s not just visiting FAVORITE PLACES HEROINES OF “SEX AND THE CITY” . Look in the Metropolitan Museum of Art – there is much to admire. The visitors – more than two million works of art.

Fee: actually free. The highlight of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an interesting feature: despite the fact that at the entrance the visitor discovers the price of the entrance ticket, he can not pay for it, and simply ask for a ticket at the box office. And in response to the wishes hear a pleasant excursion into the history and the art world. Entrance tickets here – not the usual paper sheets dull design, and daily changing small round colorful icons that can be left as a souvenir.

Jewelry Museum: One of the best museums in Iran

 Jewelry Museum of IranJewelry Museum of Iran

Sure to visit this GREAT MUSEUM will not give any girl. Jewelry Museum of Iran – an opportunity to see oriental treasures belonging to different generations of rulers in Tehran and their beloveds.

Despite the fact that there is a long Jewelry Museum – since 1855, experts even now find it difficult to give the exact value of all of its exhibits.

All of them are worthy of the attention of visitors, but the most prominent are in the form of the Ottoman throne, decorated with nearly 27 thousand gems, and 34-pound globe inlaid with more than 51 thousand emeralds, diamonds, rubies and other precious stones.

Feature of the museum is the lack of lighting. Unaccustomed visitors want to add brightness, some even try to use mobile phones as flashlights. But later, when the eye becomes accustomed to the dim light, the tourists notice how bizarre look in twilight treasures.

Fee: EUR 2.5 (or 30 thousand riyals). It is not clear why denied admission to the museum for children under 12 years old?

“House of Music” one of the best museums in Austria

 Austria House MusicAustria House Music

In this museum get ready to see something new. It is likely that you will experience even shock … Imagine yourself in total darkness and try to navigate only by the sounds. After all, they’re everywhere prevail in the “House of Music” in Vienna.

Complete lack of LIGHTING improves hearing. That he becomes a conductor from one room to another. And when the eyes adjust to the darkness, in different rooms, you can see models of ears of various shapes, pictures of the vocal cords and inner ear.

In the “House of Music”, unlike other museums, some allowed to touch the exhibits. For example, virtual podirizhirovat Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Musicians will play it under the guidance of the visitor, even if he came bear ear. But the fun is waiting for the final orchestra or praise “conductor” for virtuosity wand or publicly condemn …

Fee: Adults – 8.72 euros, student – 6.54 euros.

Hermitage, one of the best museums in Russia

 Hermitage in RussiaHermitage in Russia

In our country, so many interesting museums that call the best of them is not easy. Among the leaders in the number of visits – the Hermitage in ST. PETERSBURG . Guests northern capital are always trying to find his schedule day to enjoy at least part of the submitted exhibits in the Winter Palace. And to see all the exposure Hermitage occupies six buildings, the main one being the Winter Palace, will take at least 3-4 days.

The museum’s collection includes about three million works of art and culture of the world since the Stone Age and ending with the twentieth century. And thanks for them is the Russian Empress Catherine II. Despite its shortcomings, but who do not, this is a wise ruler began to acquire private collections, so they are not lost, taken abroad or settled from moneylenders.

Plus Hermitage in the fact that in St. Petersburg can be reached WITHOUT A VISA can not be said about France, the UK and especially the United States.

Fee: $ 100. Pupils and students visit the Hermitage free.