Would you like to enjoy the immaculate beaches of the Cyclades islands and picturesque seascapes? Explore the small Greek village at the foot of Mount Pelion and take a romantic walk through the olive groves of Thessaly? InGREECE every traveler will find something for everyone at any time of year, we present four of the best destinations for TRAVEL in any weather.

Where to go in the winter?

Ioannina, Epirus region

Only here, in the heart of Epirus, you will be able to fully enjoy the serene atmosphere of the winter evenings and lake views Pamvotida, which has long been associated with myths and legends of this place. Before you the city, filled with the spirit of the past era, a world where for many centuries the cultural traditions of the Jews, Muslims and Christians were closely intertwined and interacted with each other. Take a romantic stroll through the Old Town, which has spread around the castle and visit the well-preserved monuments and monuments, picturesque town square and craftsmen’s workshops, which produces the famous Greek silver. Entering through the massive gate in one of the largest walled cities in Greece, you will see the acropolis Epano Goulas with Ali Pasha’s Mosque and the Acropolis Its-Kale, where the mosque is located in Fethiye, built by Ali Pasha during the capture of the city by the Turks. Art lovers should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum, Folk Art Museum, and the Historical Museum of Wax.

Where to go in the spring?

Mount Pelion, Thessaly

Just a few kilometers from the bustling port of Volos in Thessaly is legendary Mount Pelion, where, according to ancient Greek legend, inhabited by mythical centaurs – half, poluloshadi. Heroes of Greek legend – Achilles, Theseus, and Jason – often visited these places to learn from centaurs mastery of martial arts. In a valley of Mount Pelion, surrounded by olive groves and flowering orchids is 24 picturesque villages, which are rightly one of the reasons why travelers from all over the world come into Thessaly. Be sure to visit the village of Tsagarada (Tsagaráda), where it grows millennial plane tree; Makrinitsa (Makrinítsa), so-called “balcony of Pelion”, with stunning views of the Aegean Sea; Portaria (Portariá), which preserved traditional architecture and stately mansions, and Chania (Hánia), which is the famous ski center.

Where to go this summer?

Milos, Cyclades

In Milos, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches on the island where there are about 80. Kleftico Beach is famous for crystal clear turquoise waters and the surrounding cliffs and Sarakiniko considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Milos because of its unusual landscape. Long horizontal rocks that gradually eroded and washed away by the action of salt water formed a huge depression, which can only be compared with the lunar landscape. Apart from the beaches only Greek island you will enjoy views of small colored houses along the shore – sirmatov. Once fishermen used them as “parking” for their boats in the winter. The highlight of the island, able to diversify your honeymoon is considered a “white town” Chora with amazingly beautiful churches and museums to visit mandatory – folk art and archaeological.

Where to go in the fall?

Island Galaxidi, Phocis

Imagine a small island, looking out of the mountains of Central Greece … Situated in the tiny bay, Galaxidi is a small village with a rich history of maritime traditions. Most residents of the town were previously seafarers and port created in shipyards famous sailing ships Galaxidi. Picturesque neighborhoods with small captain’s mansions and narrow streets, houses with sprawling gardens and numerous taverns, located along the coast – all are reminiscent of stills. This is not surprising, since it is here that removed many Greek movies and TV shows. Be sure to visit the small harbor where you can enjoy views of the crystal clear water and moored fishing boats and small cove Hirólakos. Go hiking in Mount Parnassus, Gona and Vardusya, one of the most popular in Greece (the route can reach 12 kilometers!) And take lessons in paragliding Amfissa, capital of Phocis.