Malaga is located in the south of Spain. It is the administrative center of the homonymous province.Number of residents in 2007 was more than five hundred thousand people. Today Malaga – a very popular tourist route in Spain, the Mediterranean and Europe. Another town is the geographical center and the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians. Initially, the settlement was called Malacca. During the reign of the Roman Empire with the III century BC Malaga was an important port. When the Arab rule the city became a significant economic center, has been producing silk products, and more.Since the XI century Malaga became the center of the emirate.

In August 1487 Malaga was conquered by Castilian troops, and subsequently attached to Castile.In 1501 and in the period from 1568 to 1570 – the city was one of the centers of the uprising of the Moriscos. In the times of the civil war of 1936-39, the Malaga used as a base of the Republican fleet until the moment when, with the support of Franco’s troops captured the city of Italy.

In the times of the sixties of the twentieth century was dominated by a brutal Franco regime. But, despite this, Malaga experienced a sharp economic recovery, which has been associated with an increase in the flow of tourists. At this time the Spanish resort of Costa del Sol becomes wildly popular. Industry also grew along with the flourishing of the city itself. Partly a favorable period for Malaga was caused by migrant workers from Eastern and Central Europe, to help provide sufficient manpower for all industrial areas of the city. Malaga – birthplace of the famous representative art of Pablo Picasso, after whom is named the city airport and a museum in the Palacio Buenavista.More Malaga – birthplace of the famous actor golivu – Antonio Banderas.

Above all, the city is famous for its cuisine, a variety of which is very large. Bars, restaurants and cafes that offer visitors a huge variety of dishes are very popular among locals and tourists. And the prices are quite reasonable. For example, you can find bars, which offers a menu for just six euros.First of all, lovers of fine food is recommended to try “tapas” – a small ration of a huge number of dishes. This option – inexpensive and fun way to try a variety of different local dishes.

One of the most famous dishes in Malaga – a “Pescate Frito.” It is a platter with slices of grilled fish of different species, such as red mullet, sardines. It is usually served with a glass of cold fino one of the numerous and popular today in Malaga cellars. If you want to enjoy the freshest fish in town, then head into the west of Malaga called El Palo, which resembles a fishing village.

Very popular among tourists fortress built in 1065. At the top is an observation deck, which offers a wonderful view of the entire city. In the XIX century, Malaga was a very popular winter resort.Wealthy tourists from around the world gathered in the city that brought him fame as a refined and elegant place. Amazing place Paseo del Parque today recognized as one of the most famous botanical collections in Europe. In winter, there are concerts in the open air every Sunday. These concerts are very popular among tourists, as an alternative to the usual pastime on the beaches during the holidays.