SPA-TOUR  – the choice of those who are constantly concerned about their appearance and always tries to be on our toes. Why not go on a vacation where you can enjoy a daily SPA-procedures, cherish your body and prettier every day!

SPA-vacation in Spain

SPA-story holiday has its origins in SPAIN in the first century BC. First thermal baths appeared here … thanks to the Roman colonizers. And after more than 20 centuries, they are relevant again. And not only baths. Spain is diverse resort areas, each of which is characterized by a unique SPA-procedures. In Catalonia – healing waters. In Barcelona – a dozen spa centers in which are held anti-aging and anti-stress programs.

SPA-resort Peralada is a center of wine therapy (not to be confused with WINE TOURS !). It offers treatments based on grapes and wine: grape seeds exfoliation, body wraps, wine baths, hydromassage with wine, massage with grape skins.

Murcia province stands in SPA-tourism sector in Spain thanks to the largest salt lake in Europe of the Mar Menor.Here apply mud and seaweed wraps, point and Swedish massage, body massage with oils and essences shokoladoterapiyu, cosmetic procedures using volcanic rock and more.

SPA-vacation in France

 Spa resorts in FranceSpa resorts in France

One of the most popular SPA-resorts in Europe is located in the French town of Vichy. This is the realm of beauty and youth of Paris separates only a couple hours away. Vichy – the largest European spa resort. Here, out of the ground has 15 sources, six of whom are drinking.

List of services: a variety of WATER TREATMENTS , massages, baths, courses rejuvenation using natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, massage, wellness, promotes weight loss, get rid of nicotine addiction and stress.

SPA-vacation in Thailand

 Spa Resorts in ThailandSpa Resorts in Thailand

Exotic palm among countries offering SPA-vacation, keeps Thailand. Every year the quality is getting higher. And if a couple of years ago here, not every hotel offers visitors services SPA, today the tourists have the opportunity to fully relax in specialized beauty centers, often located on the coast.

Thai traditional list of services professional SPA-resorts: more than 15 types of massage, rejuvenating facial treatments, SPA-PROCEDURES  for the body, feet, hands and nails, mud baths, body wraps, aromatherapy, herbal baths, hydrotherapy, SPA-restaurant with a low-calorie menu.

I wonder what in Thai SPA-centers emphasize large number of procedures for men. In the list of services, even a private bath with aroma massage and hot stones.

Choosing SPA-tour in Thailand, you can safely go to any of its resorts. And do it all year round, because the climate of the planet created paradise for relaxation without interruption.

SPA-vacation in Israel

 Spa Resorts of IsraelSpa Resorts of Israel

In the Promised Land all aspire to THE DEAD SEA . It is in itself a unique SPA-center because of the dry sunny climate, clean air, curative mud and unique sight ultraviolet radiation.

On the shore of the Dead Sea are dozens SPA-centers offering a variety of massage, therapeutic mineral peeling, mud wraps and baths, herbal medicine, sulfur baths, reflexology and massage therapy, getting rid of excess weight.

Dead Sea water alone can significantly rejuvenate the body and saturate the skin with microelements. And all because they are 33 percent composed of salts and minerals.

What else is good stay at this resort SPA-Israel? Here you can safely come round, because the Dead Sea never cools and does not overheat. And another obvious advantage is the presence of Russian-speaking staff that will help to better articulate their wishes to the SPA-program.

SPA-vacation in Greece

 Spa Resorts in GreeceSpa Resorts in Greece

Despite the crisis in GREECE work great SPA-centers. They are located in almost every major country hotel. And as in the region of Greece is not rare thermal springs, and thermal spas that abound here.

When choosing a hotel with the presence of the thermal complex guided by our geographical express review:

– SPA-resorts in Macedonia: Eleftry, Kavala, and Langadas Sedee under Thessaloniki, Nigro and Sidirokastro under Serres, Velvedos under Kozani Xino Nero by Florine;
– SPA-resorts in Thrace on the island of Samothrace;
– SPA-resorts in Thessaly: Tsagezi under Dranitsa, Smokovo under Karditsa;
– SPA-resorts in the Peloponnese: Methane, Loutraki Corinthia, Killiney in Elida, Kashira in Olympia;
– SPA-resorts on the island of Crete: Heraklion at Lenda;
– SPA-resorts on the Aegean Islands: Lesvos, Chios and Limnos;
– SPA-resorts vEpire: Cabasilas under Ioannina, Vromonero under Konjic;
– SPA-resorts in Central Greece: Vouliagmeni in Attica, Hypatia, Platystomo in Fthiotida, Kamena Vourla in Locride, Edipsos Evia and Aegina Thermopylae in Fthiotida.

The list of services in the Greek SPA-centers: cosmetic and therapeutic treatments, mud therapy, complex aesthetic and anti-aging treatments, dozens of types of massage to choose a program of proper nutrition, water treatment, ozone therapy.

Would you like to go to the SPA-TOUR ?