Singapore – not the most popular country among tourists, but if you’re tired of eating turkey , Egypt, Croatia and even Thailand, is getting a tour to Singapore, you will be able to plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of this country!   Having decided on a trip to Singapore, you will plunge into a fully its diversity and exotic atmosphere. Already on arrival you will first surprise, because Singapore – it’s not just country.Singaporeans love their home so much that they gave it the name of the city and yet, the main island and the main river.

Singapore City



To date, Singapore is one of the most economically developed cities in the industrialized world. This place is amazing contrasts – easily blend of modern skyscrapers and historic streets and buildings.   Singapore is real “gates of Asia”: here organically intertwined and live well together East and West, past and future. And in Singapore, ideally combined Chinese, Arabic and Indian culture. The set of interesting attractions that guests can visit the “Lion City and the Temple” – Singapore – embody the elements of all three cultures.

What is there to see?

On the territory of the main island of Singapore has reserves and parks with exotic animals, birds and plants.And lovers of unusual adventure can go to virgin rainforests that would get in touch with nature.

Besides Singapore, the country still owns 58 small islands. Sentosa – the most famous of them. That it is possible to escape from the city on the beaches with whitest sand and watch the amazing underwater world.

Sentosa Island


Some details

Singapore – this is one of the safest cities in the world for tourists, it is very low crime and great purity. Here you also will not have problems with currency exchange or means of communication – the service in Singapore is always up. Despite the multi-ethnic country, most speak English, so you will not have difficulties in communicating.