How to spice up your VACATION ? You can, of course, go on a tour. But it is better to go on a safari. We have prepared for you an overview of the most interesting species of this type of holiday.

Diving Safari

If you plan to stay active ocean, it’s time to choose a diving safari. Its average duration – 10 days. Can restrict and weeks, but if you want to prolong the pleasure, even for a month.

During diving safari on the guidance of experienced divers you can dive to depths of the sea, photographed against coral, octopus and other flora and fauna. If you want to tickle your nerves, you can book a date with a shark. You put him in a strong cage and accompanied by an instructor will descend to a depth where normally inhabit the bloodthirsty predators.

However, this type OF DIVING is not limited to diving. In the ocean, you will spend only the day. And in the evening when the boat will come to shore to begin another safari, full of dance, new interesting acquaintances, exotic dishes and cocktails.

The advantage of a diving safari – is the combination of passive sun deck on the ocean with active immersion.Minuses of holiday almost there, except one – the SEASICKNESS .

Jeep safariJeep safari

Jeep safari

Jeeping interesting where beautiful nature. A powerful SUV can get into places that even the pedestrian overcome difficult. For wheel-drive vehicles are no obstacles. They famously cope with rivers, climb the rocky slopes and pass through the narrow gorges.

If you’re ready for the type of frenzied drive, when just a couple of minutes you start to feel like the teeth in the mouth to tap dance when the one hand it is necessary to hold on to the handrails and the other trying to keep the camera constantly bouncing, then jeep safari you will not choke.

Positive feature of this type of HOLIDAY – you’ll get the maximum boost of energy despite the fact that a couple of hours after Jeeping pokroesh bruises from the constant attacks on the metal protrusions car. Minus jeep safaris – the camera can be broken if inattentive to look after him.

ATV safarisATV safaris

ATV safaris

This is the most affordable type of safari, because to quad biking, enough to leave for THE CITY . Best safari – in the woods. And do not wait for good weather, because powerful machine excellent passes through viscous clay, deep pits filled with water, and overcomes the fallen branches.

To participate in a safari not need to have a driver’s license. The main thing – to be older than 16 years and not be at the signing of operating ATV while intoxicated. If all items are met, you will be given a protective COVERALL , which is not afraid of all the filth of the world.

Unaccustomed safari quad may seem tedious, since this wheel vehicle without steering. This is the only feature that we assign to the minuses.

If the pros, then safari on ATV can deliver great fun: because you mchishsya forest road, breathe fresh air, manage pretty powerful thing, not afraid of dirt and feel the true subjugator terrain.

Balloon safaris

Balloon safaris

Balloon safaris

You are off the ground, steadily gaining height and just a few minutes at the bottom of everything is so small, like a toy. And you see it all through the window is not a window, and from a balloon. Immediately say, this type of safari is not for cowards.

In the basket is not more than five persons, including the pilot. By the way, he sometimes gives the ball to be a toy air flow – shuts off the engine, and you fly wherever the wind blows. At such moments the air absolute silence – with the sounds of the earth, of course, did not hear. It’s an amazing feeling that you have to experience to understand its peculiarity.

Then the pilot activates the motor, and the balloon back on track. The advantage of this type of safari – the ability to break away from the mortal earth and see a bird’s-eye view. Minus – if you are afraid of heights, it’s THE JOURNEY , unfortunately, not for you.

Camel safariCamel safari

Camel safari

“Ships of the Desert” are ready to provide their services for a safari. Duration of this kind OF TRAVEL is different – from a couple of hours to a full day. In fairness say that after two or three hours monotonous spectacle desert bored. Besides affecting dimensional rocking, because of which tourists sleepy. It costs camel safaris that go very gradually. Another drawback – numb limbs.

However, there is an advantage – this safari gives you the opportunity to come into contact with exotic desert to see this, as seen by the Bedouins.