In our country, a sad mismatch number of beautiful and intelligent women and matching them to worthy causes men the weaker sex to turn a mundane procedure as search groom in a bloody massacre. Is it possible to facilitate their participation in the “battle for the wedding ring,” if just go and change the dislocation? Unfolding before a map of the world, weighing all the pros and cons, we’ll try to figure out where is the most profitable to go in search of the groom.



Europe Europe strife, and at such a seemingly small plot of land has accumulated a huge amount of very different mentalities. Moving to Eastern Europe, the huge difference you will not feel, here are the same depressive mood in the air, unemployment, low birth rate, a large number of divorces and not the mild climate. Quite another matter – Western Europe. It fits exactly materialist, feminist, and estetkam perfectionist. Cooking with the best move of education in Europe: take language courses or cooking classes, sign up for the business school or write a thesis in the magistracy. Any distraction to the mind in a humanistic Europe is much cheaper than in the same U.S., but for housing, food and entertainment will need to fork out.


Hunted in Europe? On the French, Germans, Belgians, Irish and Austrians. Avoid the Dutch – they really greedy Brits – they drink a lot, the Spaniards – they earn little. Give preference to those suitors who travels a lot or lived abroad (such as in Western Europe, a lot): they will have fewer prejudices and with them it will be easier to find a compromise. Importantly, after a successful hunt and marriage do not try to sit at home all day. Even being married with children, more go out and try to work hard to get hold of as many friends. If you suddenly begin to wag European husband your nerves better than Russian, you can leave with them at least your cash position, benefits package and a couple of fellow lovers, as do all Europeans divorced.


The main advantage: favorable conditions for cultivation of the soul, body and clothes.


The main disadvantage: in Western Europe do not like uneducated immigrants loafers, so relaxation will inevitably alternate with bouts of workaholism.


Do not try to sit at home - better sit somewhere on the coast, work and look down!

Do not try to sit at home – better sit somewhere on the coast, work and look down!


Southeast Asia


This region is just for those who can not stand the winter, even in its rainy European scale, does not suffer from gastritis and innate disgust. If you have the capital to start out in Asia can be quite easy to start a small business: for example, to buy their own tea plantation in Sri Lanka, to open on the beach in Goa restaurant or a surf school in Bali.


Hunted in Southeast Asia? Just do not Asians. The most attractive suitors here – escaped from stuffy offices and deny capitalism in all its manifestations Europeans and Australians. Almost all of them are a bit childish, dreamy, love watersports and no plans further than tonight.


The main advantage: low prices for food, accommodation and daily needs will allow you not to quarrel with her ​​lover because of financial problems, because in order to buy their own home in Asia, you will not have to give the credit life, and if your fridge is empty, You can always eat a banana or mango from the tree – non-nutritive and very romantic.


The main disadvantage: racism and lack of hygiene. Stereotype that white people – it is a rich man, offset only in large Asian cities, and even then not all and not everywhere. For you will always be other costs, a separate menu and hidden commissions. About hygiene and say no: once you’ve peeped as washing dishes in the coastal restaurant, you’ve lost your appetite for at least a week.


Elephant - it's not very hygienic, but at the genetic level romantic!

Elephant – it’s not very hygienic, but at the genetic level romantic! Bali fins running the show!

Bali fins running the show!




Stories of happy exile in the U.S., you can find as many as accidents. In fact, in order to survive in the United States, you need a lot of effort and patience. Education here is quite expensive, so better to come on a tourist visa or program childcare Au Pair at least six months or a year. Carefully choose the place of dislocation here because in the amount of 50 U.S. states – this whole separate universe, and life in Hawaii is fundamentally different from life in the working-class district of Detroit, or on a ranch in Iowa.


Hunted in the United States? For divorced men with children who are in need of affection and care after one or two failed marriages in the past. Americans for the most part are very attached to the children and puts emphasis on family rather than work, although they work hard and a lot of – again for the sake of family welfare. Immediately count on the fact that the status of the wife to cook, wash and have to drive a lot, because the Americans are finicky eater, giperchistoplotny and independent in their movements.


The main plus: cocktails in Manhattan, surfing in California, helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, a casino in Las Vegas – your own American dream of clips MTV and Hollywood movies, only now waking.


The main disadvantage: the risk of obesity, glamorization, unclaimed in the profession and the high prices for a beautiful life.


These guys SShArom Pitch, take what's left!These guys SShArom Pitch, take what’s left! I will put her husband on the chain itself will go under the palm trees of California!

I will put her husband on the chain itself will go under the palm trees of California!




Latin America


Escape to Latin America is most advantageous for dreaming about the adventures of adventurers with little financial capital in a bank account. Find a job in Latin America is not easy, even in a decent place not exceed the salary of Moscow, and the prices are increasing each year. However, local poverty is not frustrating, because they live by the principle “No money – dance is – dance too.” Latinos love to enjoy life and can not stand to work. The most simple country of emigration from developing economies and low crime – is Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese, as well as love of music, dancing and midday idleness very desirable.


Hunted in Latin America? On the loving romantics with promising career and your own home. Latinos are very loved-up and religious, revered tradition, believe in omens and appreciate family comfort.


The main plus: heavenly beauty of the beaches (especially in the Caribbean) and the lack of paperwork with legalization. On average, after six months you can expect to stay for a residence permit, and after 3 years and get citizenship, which allows visa-free travel throughout Europe, Japan and New Zealand.


The main disadvantage: natural disasters – earthquakes, hurricanes, drought and winds. Many Latin American countries are in seismically active areas, which means that the dishes in the house you will have to shake very often.


And what a family comfort without warm fluffy sheep?  (Lama Lama, well, see for yourself!)

And what a family comfort without warm fluffy sheep? (Lama Lama, well, see for yourself!)




Most distant from us the country from the list – Australia – suitable careerists with far-reaching plans and serious, it is desirable technical specialty. Professional immigration – one of the most appropriate ways to obtain residency in Australia. Her program is similar to a real lottery, in which you earn points: the more of them there are, the more likely to get a positive response. Play an important role age (preference given to candidates in the age range 25-32 years), English language, higher education, work experience in the profession for about 5 years and international internships.


Hunted in Australia? Certainly, on tanned muscular Australians. Otherwise, why have you got here the whole day?Australians, unlike those same Americans, unsophisticated not like to stand out from the crowd, do not boast of their achievements, the polls do sports and all the bars and discos prefer a poolside barbecue.


The main plus point: life in Australia – a life close to nature, and therefore, clean air, fresh food, surfing and wildlife under the window you provided.


The main disadvantage: Australians manic comply with the laws, pay taxes, and go even go only partitioning, assuming that all of these unwritten rules are created only in order to make their lives safe and quality. In general Russian adventurous soul with gusts in Australia can begin claustrophobic as in prim European Switzerland.


Aussie in a board!

Aussie in a board!