In Japan, a place inferior not only older, but also love. Special seating for travelling as a couple installed in trains, Chiba Prefecture, located in the eastern part of the Japanese island of Honshu, the newspaper “Daily Mail”. Each of the five cars in convoys plying between stations and Nagareyama Mabaso, equipped with double corner sofas pink window frames of the same colour and transparent handles in the shape of hearts.

One of the stations in this area that has not been used as intended, also turned into a secluded corner for lovers: stop completely painted in pink and stocked signs-hearts.

Places for kisses

In railway company Ryutetsu, serving the route, hoping that such innovations will attract romantic region in tourists travelling with their mate.

According to the company, the carrier couples – the main customers of the railway company: they often come to the city for entertainment is on the train, even from remote locations.

Another “romantic train” – express “Romanskar” – follows from Tokyo to Hakone, Odawara and other popular tourist destinations in the south-east of Japan. It travellers can take double seats without separating armrests.