Our trip to Italy continues. This time we got to the city of Pisa . This city is all associated with his famous “resident” – Leaning Tower of Pisa . This is truly a tourist town, there are a large number of souvenir shops and restaurants.

Bashnia in Pisa

The closer to the tower, the more interesting you become for African-Italians. On their hands though not happening, but fashion spreads. These cute but slightly obsessive sellers sell fake Chanel handbags and Dolce & Gabbana, which do not differ much from the original. The price of these products can throw from 130 to 13 (!) Euros. Therefore, if in your hometown you will be assured that this brand bag from Italy, it is likely to be believed …

History of Pisa

It is believed that prior to the conquest of Pisa Romans lived here ancient Ligurian tribes, and in 180 BC, the city becomes a colony of the Roman republic. In the Middle Ages, Pisa was a trading city-state.

In the 13th century there grandiose construction underway in the Gothic style, which works over the decor family of craftsmen and talented artists Pisano. In Pisa in 1564 was born on Galileo . It is known that he studied and taught here at the University of Pisa (Università di Pisa). University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe.

Attractions Pisa

As mentioned above, the town’s fame “leaning tower” Torre pendente di Pisa. This bell tower, which is part of the ensemble of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which is located at the Cathedral Piazza dei Miracoli.Previously it was thought that the slope is part of the project, but it soon became known that the three-meter because of soft soil foundation could not resist and after the construction of the third floor of the tower began bend.

Santa Maria Assunta

Construction of the Leaning Tower was completed in 1360, the author’s name remains unknown. To get to the top of the tower 294 steps need to be overcome. Tower height 55.86 meters from the ground on the lowest side of a slope and 56.7 meters at its highest.

Pisa Cathedral was erected in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta). Construction of the cathedral began architect Busketo Giudice di Giovanni in 1063. As conceived by the architect, the cathedral represents a variety of styles – Lombard, Byzantine and Islamic. Thus, the cathedral was to symbolize the huge scale of trade, which was at that time in Pisa.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Originally the cathedral was built in the shape of a Greek cross, but now it has the form of a Latin cross. Inside, through the use of arches, as well as black and white marble, which alternates between themselves, creating the effect of a huge space.

Pisa Baptistery was built by architect Diotisalvi in 1153 and construction was completed in 1278. But in the 14th century building baptisereya acquired gothic elements. If you look at the building, you can see that at the bottom are figures that show the evil and vice, and above them, on top of towering sculptural figures of saints and prophets. Parapets on the relief illustrated earthly life of Jesus Christ, and the dome is a statue of St. John.


Near Pisa Cathedral, is a cemetery, aged simple Gothic style – Kamposanto (Camposanto Monumentale). It covered the cemetery, which was built on the plan by Giovanni Pisano. Building wall frescoes, the most famous of them is called “The Triumph of Death” by Buonamiko Buffalmacco.

Leaning Tower

Kitchen Pisa

In addition to traditional Italian dishes in Pisa has its own specialties. Here can be found on the menu of white bean soup San Michele, Pisan soup, and the soup of frogs. Should warn that these dishes are flavor and pungency. But still popular here traditional pizza with parma ham, and for dessert tiramisu.

Classic Tiramisu

As for restaurants, many do not recommend dining species near the tower, they say there is expensive and not very tasty. Recommend to walk toward the train station, where you can find plenty of restaurants that will match the price-quality.

But, I would still advise to dine with views of the tower. In any case, you enjoy it!

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