Tourism in the Philippines: Islands for every taste and character

Philippines consist of 7,107 islands. And almost any of them is ready to host a HOLIDAY . You can choose the one that is advertised in brochures and travel companies to spend a holiday for quite traditional scenario: hotel, beach, shopping, sightseeing. And you can break the usual tradition and become man Friday of “Robinson Crusoe.” Make it simple, choosing to REST some secluded island of the Philippines, where there are no people, only palms, sea and sand.

In the Philippines, easily merge with nature, relax annoying calls from mobile phones, enough to lie on the white sand, swim naked … And yet there is so nice there personally ripped bananas and coconuts.

But if this is not included in exotic vacation plans, you should choose one of the most popular tourist islands of the Philippines. Championship takes the island of Cebu. It is believed that the most luxurious hotels here, but should be prepared for the fact that they do not always meet the expectations of tourists.

5 stars are in fact no more than 4-3, but since the peak season a large selection of rooms available not have to be content to be booked. And so on all the islands of the Philippines.

From pleasant: Cebu, being a popular tourist destination, do not miss shopping. But in the pursuit of fashionable things at ridiculous prices remember reloading luggage at the airport, for which will have to pay a hefty sum.

If you choose to stay in the Philippines Bohol, Anilao, Puerto Galera and Balikasag, you can hone the skills ofDIVING and underwater photography. In these places unique natural marine reserve. Cost immerse water water and you can see the sheer wall, in cracks and crevices where they live corals, fish and turtles.

Tired of looking at the underwater flora and fauna? Go to Subic Bay. This island is considered to be a “graveyard” of hundreds of shipwrecks. Anything of value to those who are relatively shallow, of course, no longer exists thanks to the local divers. But tickle your nerves have a chance, because the sight of a sunken ship – not commonplace.

Lovers of dance until the morning, look at the island of Boracay, tacit capital club life. Real drive here begins at nightfall and continued until the early morning. Dinner parties, exotic cocktails, holiday adventures – this is the style of life of those who choose to Boracay.

Beach vacation in the Philippines and the almost complete lack of entertainment awaits on the islands of Mactan and Badian. They should choose those who are already fed up with recreational activities in the Philippines and want to enjoy the sun and sea only.

Tourism in the Philippines: useful information

 Tourism in the PhilippinesTourism in the Philippines

Comfortable time to travel to the Philippines

Nature in the Philippines is very beautiful, but the proximity to THE SEA has a permanent threat of tsunamis and typhoons. Most often surprises happen from August to September. At this time, STAY in the Philippines plan is not necessary. It is best to come here on vacation from December to April, when the sun does not burn red hot and the air is not the limit, but it stops at around 27-28 degrees Celsius. Seawater at this time heats up to 25 degrees.

Tourism in the Philippines: safety rules

Comfortable air temperature has to long walks, but always need to be aware of this especially as the early onset of darkness. In the Philippines, already at 7 pm local time dark. And it happens abruptly, without the usual twilight.Therefore, tour guides do not recommend at night walking around the sparsely populated streets.

Philippines – not a rich COUNTRY and crime flourishes in it. So you should learn some simple rules stay in it that could save the health and wallet: Without going into poor neighborhoods do not carry a lot of cash, do not ask questions to the local population. It is quite friendly, but waiting for any service fees. In order not to incur the mountain in the native language of curses, not prevent always carry small bills.

Unchanging attributes rest on any of the islands of the Philippines – it beggars annoying souvenir sellers and itinerant masseurs. To get rid of them, you need not get annoyed and learn to say a firm “no.”

Philippines may become a test for the digestive system. The Many Faces of cuisine combines elements of Japanese, Chinese and European traditions. Care in the selection of dishes does not hurt, as local cooks often combine incongruous products. For example, can add to the onion soup honey. Not to dampen your holiday in the Philippines poisoning, it is desirable to eat in those restaurants where the average bill per person not less than 20 dollars.

As can be seen, Philippines – not the paradise he looks on the booklet. However, you can spend a VACATION so that the Philippine Islands will be a pleasant memory of the holiday held. The main conditions: a certified hotel, pleasant companion, interesting entertainment and tasty food. Not so much, right?