In Thailand, there are two twin islands. Thais call their Phi Phi, and the Europeans have altered their own way, and turned Phi Phi. These islands are incredibly beautiful, but most surprising is that there is a whole uninhabited territory. There are no shops, restaurants, bars, discos. It is ideal for couples and all those who love the privacy and peace of mind.


Phi Phi meets stars

With its amazing nature, the island of Phi Phi in Thailand enjoy great popularity among Hollywood stars. It was here that one of the movies filmed oDzheymse Bond. Here, on the beach May Bay, created the film “The Beach”, starring that – Leonardo DiCaprio.

Phi Phi

Browse fraught island of Phi Phi?

On the islands of Phi Phi has an amazing cave Vikings. So feel free to book an excursion to the island of Phi Phi.Also worth a visit is a beautiful reef called Anemone. And for diving here include. People come here from all over the world scuba diving in a cave Van Long, where are abundant coral reefs. By the way, you can still advise extremals descend into the lair of sharks … And for lovers of the island “in store” real gift – a picturesque lagoon at your service! Many even prefer there to arrange the wedding ceremony by the local customs, and the natives offer everyone everything you need for this – a garland of festive colors, matching outfits, even offer to rent tents for weddings for a nominal fee, in general, all for your convenience!

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Which beaches to visit on the islands?

For people who want to leave a plunge into meditation and contemplation, it may be advisable to go to the beach Loh Dalum. He is known throughout the world as a quiet haven.

Island In Thailand

Have to Phi Phi another interesting beach called Long Beach. Here is the soft sand. And the quietest is Laem Tong. The fact that you can get here by boat. Tourists do not like such a “complicated” because few people here.

Apart from the usual beaches with fresh water and the warm sun on Phi Phi has an awesome place where you can swim, watching … monkeys! Here they seem to hand – not against communicate with tourists, particularly if they are treated with bananas and other sweets. This place is not far from Tonsai Bay.

For those who love the noisy companies and a lot of fun, though created beach, which is located near the village of Ton Sai. That party-goers come here who love nightclubs and discos.

Among the places to surf , popular on the planet – Phi Phi is not in last place. There are HaatRanti beach where the waves are caught just fine!