Leave the child in the care of her grandmother, or take with you on HOLIDAY abroad? This question is raised by many young parents now. We offer top-5 countries, which will be comfortable and your beloved baby.

Choose a tour for RECREATION with a child should be based on criteria such as:

– Tried and tested by other travelers with children the hotel;

– Proximity to THE SEA , to hike did not become tedious;

– Easy descent to the water for the little traveler;

– Absence on the beach rocks and sharp stones;

– Children’s animation in the hotel;

– A mini-water park and playground on site;

-A cot in the room and the child seat in the restaurant;

– Buffet with children’s meals or the ability of the individual order;

– Lack of nearby youth discos and other noisy entertainment.

If you follow all these options when choosing travel, holidays with the child does not turn into a nightmare for you and allow for the benefit of body and soul to hold legal holiday.

Couples with a child in Turkey

 Couples with children in TurkeyCouples with children in Turkey

A couple of hours of flight – and you have a toddler in Turkey. In this country, the most suitable regions forRECREATION with children are considered Side and Belek. They have several advantages over other resorts.There are sandy and pebbly beaches, which the child can not get hurt by the sharp stones.

During reservations must notify an administrator to provide a cot and highchair. Whereas working on an “all inclusive” and have a children’s menu.

Hotels in Turkey offer animation services, which takes the responsibility to entertain the child. And that was where the kid play, erected in their territories waterpark and green areas with mini-amusement.

It is important that hotels oriented vacation with children, are far from urban subcultures.

Turkish hotels attract tourists with kids flexible pricing policy: children under 4 years are most likely live with their parents for free, and up to 6 to 7 years of age – at great discount prices.

Couples with a child in Bulgaria

 Kids in BulgariaKids in Bulgaria

For families with children should ride in the Bulgarian resort of Albena. Here, sandy beaches, warm calm SEA and beautiful nature.

To attract tourists, who do not want even while relaxing with the kids leave, the owners have built an amusement and water parks, water slides, children’s discos and Attractions. Albena resort is nice and the fact that there annual International Children’s Festival.

You do not have to worry about background noise that will disturb the sound sleep of the child. In Albena priority is given to a family holiday, young people choose more dynamic resorts.

Couples with a child in Bulgaria will not challenge for the budget of your family – children under 6 years are most likely going with their parents for free. For younger guests create comfortable conditions: crib bumpers high in the room, a highchair in the restaurant and interesting animation program in his leisure hours.

Choice of Bulgaria as a joint holiday with baby nice and relative proximity to Russia – the child will not have time to get tired during the flight.

Couples with baby in Spain

 Kids in SpainKids in Spain

In Spain, your baby will enjoy a holiday in Costa Dorada. In addition to the warm sea and a cozy beach here are Europe’s largest amusement park “Port Aventura” and two water parks. Enough to dash off on all the rides, you will need more than one week, so the little traveler will not have time for boredom and whims and STAY with the child does not turn into a nightmare.

For the convenience of parents all around the Costa Dorada offers a children’s menu.

Good manners in Spanish hotels is the presence of children’s entertainers and entertainment venues. Under the first requirement room equipped with a cot for a small tenant, a table in the restaurant – highchair.

Couples with a child in Croatia

 Kids in CroatiaKids in Croatia

Why not opt for a stay with a child in Croatia? Mild climate, warm SEA and a couple of small towns where everything is focused on leisure guests with children. In Dubrovnik and Cavtat you will find shingle beaches, comfortable stair descent into the water and beautiful nature.

To attract tourists family orientated hotels offer attractive discounts to guests with children. In most cases, kids under the age of 4 years old live with their parents for free, and up to 6-7 years – at a discount.

Also, as in all the hotels, you can order a cot, highchair and baby food.

Couples with a child in Montenegro

 Couples with children in MontenegroCouples with children in Montenegro

In Montenegro, some parents even go to the babies. Warm climate contributes to the favorable development and well-being of older children and crumbs.

Pay attention to the resort of Montenegro with very clean beaches, beautiful SEA , beautiful nature, cozy hotels and peaceful atmosphere. Environmentally this PLACE confirmed the sign “Blue Flag”, which marked the leading resorts in the world.

Mr. Novi, Budva and Petrovac although not marked high status, but also popular for families with children. In the latter especially a lot of attractions and entertainment that kids love.

In Montenegro, also practiced the system of free stay for children up to 4-6 years.

And while there is still left the two summer months, uspey assess for yourself the quality of REST with a child in one of our suggested countries. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a new tradition in your family.