Have you ever thought about what going to do after retirement? Idyllic scenarios sleepy everyday life in a rocking chair, reading newspapers and raising grandchildren offered an alternative – in Scotland.Four years later, in the south-west of the country, in the area of ​​East Renfrewshire, will be built village for retirees, according to “The Herald Scotland.”

Scottish pensioners believe that old age – not a hindrance for active and mobile lifestyle. Villages in the territory will be located gyms, golf courses, tennis courts, bowling halls, restaurants and bars. And fans will be able to dig into the ground to break its own garden, competing with neighbors in colorful flower beds and rose gardens. Separate buildings for hospitals and build a business center where working retirees can rent an office and even to negotiate. Move around the village residents will be on golf carts.

Gated community members will be people older than 55 years. The village will create all conditions for pensioners feel safe all the major labels will equip walkways, handrails, hanged panic buttons.Construction work will begin next year. Advise project will designers, environmentalists and invited experts from nursing homes and the Scottish Centre for the Study of Alzheimer’s disease.

Such towns for Seniors began to appear in the mid-twentieth century in the United States. Now all across America there are a couple dozen settlements, which can accommodate only people older than 55 years. Successful example was picked up by other countries. Village for the elderly have in Spain, Denmark and Holland.