Papua New Guinea: a vacation with the natives

If the standard tours have become for you read the book, it’s time to open a new tourist page. We propose to go to these natives in Papua New Guinea.

The most popular place in Papua New Guinea is a tourist destination RESORT Tawali. You can get there only by sea. Tawali permeated with the spirit of the natives: everywhere totems and bright colored mask. There is no usual hotels, tourist bungalows waiting. Therefore, newcomers suggest that will wash water from a spring, and sleep in hammocks. Do not be afraid, you will find in a bungalow … spacious bedroom and living room, modern shower room and a cosy balcony overlooking the SEA .

Tours in Papua New GuineaTours in Papua New Guinea

Tours in Papua New Guinea

Tawali famous for its beaches and DIVING . Papua New Guinea are willing to bet that they have the most beautiful coral reefs and the unique flora and fauna. If you can take pictures at a depth beforehand mood your camera on macro photography to capture fish and underwater flowers.

A dip in the sea before generously smear herself protective sunscreen. The crystal clear water under the influence of its rays acts as a lens, and there is the risk of getting a sunburn. Also, do not actively sunbathing. Heatstroke in Papua New Guinea Western girl could get a very short time.

If you do not consider yourself particularly impressionable and nerves you also ok, go on a tour of the coastal rocks.GUIDES often leads tourists to the cave, where towering mountains … of human skulls. This is the memory of old times, when the natives were less civilized.

Hotels in Papua New GuineaHotels in Papua New Guinea

Hotels in Papua New Guinea

Today, they do not consider white people “lunch”, and treat them very friendly. But this does not prevent hoteliers to charge high prices for their services. Level of service to Papua New Guinea has not yet reached the level to which you are most likely used to. Over time this will happen, but now for the rooms, which can be attributed to the level of average hostel, you are asked to 30-60 dollars a day. Fashionable stand 80-100 dollars per day, in fact they look like a European hotel with 3-4 stars …

If accommodation is not important for you, you can rent a room or a house in the private sector. Here, prices are much lower – from 5 to 15 dollars a day. Good practice to give the hosts a small amount as an advance, but not as A TIP – there is not accepted, and as payment for additional services. For example, iron or hair-dryer in the room.

Tourism in Papua New GuineaTourism in Papua New Guinea

Features holiday in Papua New Guinea

Resting in Papua New Guinea, you do not spend the time to stay online. This achievement of civilization only got to a couple of major CITIES in the rest of the world network not yet known. The mobile phone also have to keep in the room. Cellular operators are not yet fully mastered this region. So inform relatives of Russia that you’re doing well, you can with the help of the local telephone company operator, who will connect the old with the subscriber.

Lots of local color you’ll find in any menu. Even tourists are prepared mainly from the roots. The most delicious dish is “Mumu” cooked pork, sweet potatoes, rice and greens.

In Papua New Guinea not to bargain. If you want to reduce the price, this natives strong amazement, since the money for them, in principle, are not very important. They know that this or that thing should cost, for example, $ 5, although it is a wonderful price of 1 dollar. So choose: either you persist and come back without souvenirs, or agree to the terms of the locals and buy totems and idols to their designated value.

Dangers in Papua New GuineaDangers in Papua New Guinea

Dangers in Papua New Guinea

As a tourist, you are representing and interest for small scams that prey on careless visitors to the island. Do not carry a lot of cash with them, otherwise you risk being short of funds.

Surprisingly, you can create a problem and the local police. For example, stick with the requirement to pay on the spot fines for violating any of the laws of Papua New Guinea. Know that “werewolves” in uniform. Therefore ask that you were taken to the police station and there already with an explanation of your rights, made the report. Likely after such a declaration guardian of order will make a verbal warning and go look for more obliging tourist.

Before a trip to Papua New Guinea to take care of vaccinations. Mandatory vaccination against yellow fever, malaria, typhoid and cholera. Recommended vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus, polio and Japanese encephalitis.

Path to this tropical paradise not a short. Since direct air links with Moscow not have to fly with transfers in Bali or Australia.

If you do not stop such a large number of warnings and you will visit Papua New Guinea, the award will be STAYING in the corner of the world where there is no frantic pace of life, annoying and harassing polluted atmosphere. Dive into the world of tropical nature, which has retained its pristine for such curious traveller like you.