Breezy Point is one of the areas of Queens, located at the western end of the Rockaway Peninsula, between the Gulf of Rockaway and Jamaica on the land side and the Atlantic Ocean

Very very short story of Breezy Point.

Breezy Point and urbanization Rockaways less than most other boroughs of New York.

Place than not remarkable.

Wild beaches, sand, constantly blowing wind, sand dunes and marshes.

But in Breezy Point on the very tip of the peninsula, where one more step … and ocean – Memorial is 9/11 of September.

The platform contains 29 glass etching for every member of the community Breezy Point, who died 9/11 of September.

Next to it is a cross-shaped piece of steel from the World Trade Center.

Approach to them on the wooden walkways to the site on the waterfront.

But what made the Memorial as soul, attention, no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

Once at Breezy point thrown whale rescued his entire district.

Weather little by little warmer, spring has come, and in New York, all flowers that can bloom.