Vietnamese Khi Dao island all travelers known as Monkey Island or “Monkey Island.” This piece of land overgrown with jungle a few kilometers from the seaside resort of Nha Trang could well become the site for the filming of the movie remake of “Planet of the Apes.”

Excursion to the island is included in the price list of all travel agencies Nha Trang. That’s just to go to visit the four-solved not all – only the bravest guests Vietnam. Guides warn hospitality in monkeys peculiar. Drinks and fruit primates immediately taken away, unwary tourists may even bite.

The reasons for such a dislike for people in the colony of monkeys is more than enough. Khi Dao Island is not their natural habitat. Monkeys were brought here in the 70s of the last century, just after the Vietnam War. Located on the island of Soviet laboratory nursery, where thousands of monkeys grew – for scientific purposes. Experimented on monkeys, which have helped scientists to discover new drugs and vaccines, saving more than a dozen lives.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union left the laboratory without the owners, and soon it had to close.But there was the question of what to do with monkeys brood, which in the absence of predators have already filled the whole island? Vietnamese authorities have turned the situation to their advantage: turned the island into one big original landmark, where anyone can feed the monkey with his hands, to be photographed with a dozen monkeys at once and even play catch with them.

Monkey mansion on the island of Dao Khi look very comfortable and spacious. Equally comfortable accommodation has been designed by the most skillful architect in the world – nature: many sheltered from the sun and prying eyes bedrooms, alcoves of broad leaves and dozens of eateries scattered throughout the simian state where the sole masters of the present day are monkeys. Man here laid a well-defined area for recreation. For trespassing tourists threatens blow monkeys – masters of taijutsu.Taijutsu – a Japanese martial art that uses a sudden blow, stopping the fight. Surprise attack medium sized specimens may discourage even a grown man. How Vietnamese primates have mastered Japanese technique without melee weapons, which was popular in V-VI centuries, remains a mystery.

Dao Khi today – an island park with cafes, malls, statues, beaches and dense jungle. Tourists brought here by boat. Each boat dock at the pier, immediately becomes the object of attention of monkeys.Cameras and bags must be kept tight, otherwise they immediately kidnapped inhabitants of the island.However, this is the fun thing for which tourists come to visit the primates. You can pay off the burglars, scattering them a feast. The tour price usually includes fruit sets, which give each guest.

Monkey island is best to get out of Nha Trang. The entire road, including transportation to the ship pier and the sea route to take about an hour. Options to move around the bay Nyafu – water trail to the island – offers a choice of two: a motor boat or a boat. Ticket prices are very democratic: two or three dollars per person. Weather in those places are usually friendly, and because the water is calm, without a violent storm of wind and waves.

On Dao Khi, there are clear rules of behavior – both for animals and for travelers. They are simple, but mandatory: goodies to keep in a dark bag and remove as needed. You can feed the animals out of hand, however, there is a high probability that the monkeys fighting for the best piece, tourist can bite or scratch. This does not happen often, but it happens. Nurse in the local infirmary at all times when the matter: it is putting someone’s hand in iodine, it calms the frightened child.

It is strictly forbidden to drive away large individuals and offer food to kids and shy monkeys. On the island to the law of force. Anyone who violates the laws of nature, gets hit taijutsu. If you start to treat monkeys, the goodies given to the first came up to you. Most likely, it will be a large male who treats himself to distribute among the members of their group.

Over many years of dealing with tourists, monkeys and pampering treats to the traditional set of bananas and mangoes have become indifferent. Now they like expensive exotics: carambola, cherimoya and rambutans. In the choice of drinks is also extremely picky Monkey: exclusively prefer Coke. And soda one of the two main world producers drink, and products from its main competitor – refuse.

For the lazy tourists who do not want to walk on the island of Dao Khi has drawn carriages, horses maloroslikami. The lounge area can lie down under the thick foliage of the rainforest or admire the cliff bay Nyafu. Local restaurant menu like most spoiled traveler – both price and assortment. Here you will be served and European club sandwich and traditional pho soup for Vietnam, and barbecue delicacies like crocodile or ostrich kebab. In two steps – a beach with clear water and clean sand. Vietnamese resting under the sun, many tourists express paradoxical thought of having to “reverse evolution.”Guests Islands admit that openly envious monkeys that reside year-round in this paradise.

However, the monkeys on the island Dao Khi today are experiencing difficult times. Their luxury apartment turned into small-sized housing. The reason for that – unlimited reproduction. The population peaked monkeys and animals need a new, more spacious home. Nursery staff have repeatedly appealed to local authorities to help solve this problem. But officials do not know themselves what to do with “surplus” of monkeys: the islands occupied by crocodiles and ostriches, and outside the province, which is located within the boundaries of the island, refusing to consider the problem.

Vietnam today, remaining a socialist republic, was determined to develop the example of the “Four Asian Tigers.” The country is experiencing a tourist boom, everywhere are flooding the construction site, and small houses of ordinary Vietnamese increasingly coexist with hotels and business centers of the Western type. Travelers interested in everything – from shopping and attractions to Asian cuisine and nightlife. Monkey Island Dao Khi take an active part in the development of the tourism industry of the country, offering guests a fun zoo or circus better. The “circus” rooms here – not the result of the trainer, and always improvisation and improvisation