Spanish Madrid) – it is the largest city in Spain, and, accordingly, the capital of this country. At the same time, Madrid is the capital of the province bearing the same name and the same autonomous community. As part of the district HABITAT Metropolitano is municipality.Madrid – it is the largest political, cultural and economic center of Spain. Its population in 2008 was 3,213 million.

Located in the city center of the Iberian Peninsula. It covers an area of 607 square kilometers and has 21 administrative districts. A Greater Madrid is a conurbation, which occupies a huge area of 1.2 thousand square kilometers. Needless to say, that Madrid is a major transportation hub, which contains both railways and highways, and one of the largest airports in the world.  The name of the city is of Arabic origin. The word «majer-it» translated as “affluent source.” After all, the ground on which stands the city, really rich aquifers. Although there is another version, according to which the city has gone from Celtic Mager, “big bridge” and renaming the city after it happened Madzhirit Arab conquest.  This city owes its origin Madzhirit fortress, and the first mention of it dates from the year 932. In 1083 the fortress was captured by King Alfonso IV. City developed until 1561, when, in fact, became the capital, and its development is largely dependent on the relationship of Arabs and Spaniards.  Speaking about the architecture of this city, we can not pay attention to the palace. Its construction began in 1734, after a fire destroyed the previous building, standing, in turn, on the site of an Arab castle. This building, like Versailles, built the first architect Filippo Juvarra, and then – Giovanni Battista Sacchetti. After construction it passed into the hands of Sabatini and Ventura. It was built from 1738 to 1784. Currently the palace nobody lives, and it is used purely for receptions and other events, and the first king who settled there was Karl III. It was in this palace in 1991 was carried out the Madrid Conference on the Middle East. And part of this building is used as a museum. Unusually large collection of paintings, the throne room, and much more – all of this can be seen in the palace. And next to it there are two park.  One of the most famous residents of the city – Villa Ricardo Gonzalez. This famous Spanish conductor and composer.  Gourmet in this city a unique opportunity to taste Spanish cuisine. And for the curious tourists who like excursions, opportunities and even more, because the city is full of attractions. This is the Plaza Mayor, and Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena, and the bullring “Las Ventas”, and Encarnación Monastery, and Puerta del Sol, and more.