The four-hour flight …, VISA-FREE BORDER  – and here we are surrounded by palm trees and traders shawarma. It stretches along the horizon turquoise expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, and in the windows showcase five-star hotels recorded razgraffitchennye concrete walls of houses. On the balconies so touching dries linen, piled trunks and old bikes at the bottom – deep fat shkvorchat falafelnye and humuserii.

Even underwear here looks like a work of art

Even underwear here looks like a work of art

Tel Aviv – is a cross between a slum ghettos of Eastern Europe, and the Turkish Mediterranean resort kitsch. But first things first.

By itself, Tel Aviv is small (perhaps a little more than the historic center of the capital), so that it can one day walk and get around: get lost in a chaotic maze of narrow streets and boulevards, find and lost again … But to really get to know Tel Aviv, and life is not enough, because it changes the atmosphere in every ten meters, and the city never ceases to amaze the curious, revealing more and more secrets.

Old Jaffa

Jaffa Old Testament alone (old town, from which, in fact, grew Tel-Aviv) is worth something! Lovely views, monuments, antique shops, cafes and a daily flea market. There are many old buildings with history. For example, in a modern police building was formerly a prison and on the street-Mazal Dagim hid ancient synagogue Olei-Luv («natives of Libya”) dozhivshaya to our days as a factory. Do you remember the ancient Greek myth of Andromeda?In Jaffa are those “rock”, where beauty was rescued by Perseus.

Jaffa reality

Jaffa reality


Today, as a hundred years ago, Arab fishermen go to sea, so fish restaurants here on the “Hurrah!”. And then in Tel Aviv with the food in order. Abundance of various formats Pedal breathtaking. And even somehow sad consciousness of the impossibility of getting to eat everywhere. Although there are pluses. No need to break your head over where to have dinner, because everywhere equally atmospheric and equally delicious. Hot bread with condiments, hummus, falafel, and shakshuka legendary eggs Benedict. All this is necessary to try. A local wine … (Mom, I want it back!)

So as not to sit down, do not eat?

So as not to sit down, do not eat?

Historic train station

On the road from Jaffa in Tel Aviv center, directly opposite the waterfront, is a historical railway station, from where trains once cruised in Jerusalem. Now this is something like our “Winery” – “space fashion”, where all day long creative life boils. On Thursdays from 19.00 to midnight here sell DESIGNER ITEMS , play DJs and live music. A grocery market opens in the morning – “Urbanik» (Urbanic, from urban organic).

Everywhere run road ...

Everywhere run road …


Markets – is a separate attraction. Them in Tel Aviv very much, and they are all different. Everywhere buy something optional – it’s just nice to walk. Colorful sellers and buyers no less colorful, unknown but pleasant aromas, vibrant still lifes, gestures of the local population and it is buzzing hubbub – everything just like in the fairy tale about Aladdin.



At the intersection of King George and Sheinkin begins real bazaar – a large grocery market “Carmel» (Hacarmel), thrusting their tents to the coast. Fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh juices in any combination; cheeses, fish, olives, spice cakes and mountains … go to market, buy all – and the beach.


On the beach it is best to be only in the early morning. Up to a maximum of twelve previously smeared with sunscreen. And be sure to return here in the evening to see how the solar disk glow disappears behind the horizon, and then take a dip in the cool salty sea lazy …

When the solar disk disappears below the horizon ...

When the solar disk disappears below the horizon …


Tuesdays at 15.00 and on Fridays from 9.00 to Dizengoff Square (Dizengoff) under the bridge work antiquarian flea flea market in the manner of European, but the last Israeli really close and did not stand.

A Dizengoff Boulevard – is around here Tverskaya densely equipped with all sorts of tenderloin. It is also the oldest in Israel shopping center. But the main thing on this street – it’s incredibly eclectic architecture and amazing atmosphere Europeanized Tel Aviv. Drink coffee in the shade of century-old plane trees, and then sit on the bike and green rolling roll through central Tel Aviv.

There are little green men.  and there are green velosipediki ...There are little green men. and there are green velosipediki …

Sheinkin Street (Shenkin) – also about shopping, but more refined than on Dizengoff. There is an excellent “SECOND HAND “, cozy showrooms unknown designers ekosupermarkety and very pleasant shop ORGANIC COSMETICS  with Dead Sea minerals. Here you can watch the cook as soap and collect fragrances. And in a nail salon next door for some pennies to make fish peeling massage Garra Rufa …

All flavors in Israel!

All flavors in Israel!


Almost cosmic world of Tel Aviv

Hands and stretch!

Shalom, meow meow!