About Disneylands heard everything, but that there are no less entertaining amusement parks called Legoland – not everyone. Anyway, I personally found out about it recently. It is absolutely amazing – because the Legoland  park  – not just rides, cafes, restaurants and other places of entertainment. Here everything is made ​​of blocks of Lego!


Where there is Legoland?

The first and the largest in the world today Legoland park opened in Denmark in Billund. This event occurred in 1968. Why in this country? Yes, because the creator of Lego was born, lived and worked here. To create this unique park on the rides and other pleasant things took more than 46 million cubes Lego. All of these various sizes and colors.

Amusement Park

Legoland theme park in California have. Its area is rather big -128 acres. It was built in 1999. This is the only Lego park, which is on the territory of the United States.

Even in Europe there are two Legoland built after 2000 – the German city of Günzburg and English Windsor.

In all of these parks have all kinds of little animals, people, buildings, assembled from Lego blocks. Here and there a French Quarter. You can see the Mardi Grass parade, visit the Cathedral. And it’s all made out of parts Lego!

What exactly is a Lego?

The term was coined by Lego in the distant 1932. Literally, it means “play well”, if translated from Latin Lego means “I put together.”


From such a constructor, you can collect anything. And create a delusional world where cars drive, operate cranes, the ships go monks, pirates, knights, Indians.


 Creator Lego and Legoland is one and the same person – Ole Christiansen. He created not just bricks and amusement parks, he gave the children and their parents – a real dream come true!