If you decided to go to America, then Las Vegas – this is the city that must get into your list «Must see». As they call it: the “sin city” and “city of a million lights” and “Mecca of gambling.” And it’s not just because held here almost non-stop attraction for visitors. Atmosphere endless holiday merriment vomit you at the time of the monotony of everyday life and experience will remain bright for years to come.

Architecture Las Vegas

Attractions in Las Vegas

What is so interesting in this city, and what sights to pay special attention, we will try to understand today. The main street is the official name of “L as Vegas Boulevard “, as it is popularly referred to as a« Strip »(band). The length of the street is about 6 km. From it as the main artery of the city, street depart smaller.

In the beginning, you can find Strip sign that tries to capture almost every tourist – this is the famous «Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas». It begins with that character fun, nightlife and, indeed, the street itself Strip, which can be called a separate attraction in Las Vegas. But to get to this much coveted mark, the tourists have to spend about 7-8 hours in a bus or car, getting from the airport to Los – Angeles. This is very tedious if you have to take into account the long flight.

Known inscription

Train casino

But everything will change soon, because the company «Las Vegas Railway Express» on the eve of 2014 is going to put a unique train – the casino . For $ 99 with every comfort you can not only relax on the trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, but at the same time workout in the game of poker or try their luck at the roulette table.Once finally in the city, you’ll get a huge selection of accommodations – there are about 300 for every taste, color and budget.

Las Vegas

Othello Las Vegas

Along the main street lined most luxurious hotels in the city and extraordinary: «Luxor» in the form of sparkling black frosted glass pyramid with a giant Egyptian Sphinx guarding the entrance to the hotel; “Excalibur”, built in the spirit of King Arthur’s castle. And what are the miniature likeness of Venice, New – York or Paris? Architects did everything to attract tourists and impress their imagination. By the way, no matter what hotel you choose, it is best to rent rooms on the upper floors – so, with the advent of the dark your eyes open incomparable view of the huge garland of lights, which turns into Las Vegas at sunset.

between hotels

All around the city you will find a casino, slot machines, as well as nightclubs and discos. And in our «Palazzio» and «Vennetian», built in the Italian style, you can swim in gondolas right between buildings and hotel rooms and admire the elegant Italian architecture. In a word – in Las Vegas you can going from hotel to hotel to visit almost all the most famous parts of the world.

Las Vegas shows

The city is famous not only for its grotesque glittering luxury hotels and casinos, but also a great show – programs. Near the hotel «Bellagio» are famous Singing Fountain , who for the joy of the audience every half an hour circling in the gorgeous dance under the magical sounds every time a new melody and shimmering rays of illumination. In the same oteledaet their ideas famous Cirque du Soleil – Cirque du Soleil. In its water show “O” skilled acrobats show a real fairy tale, which will amaze you to the very soul.

show programs

No less famous dance-acrobatic show «Le Reve» – «The Dream», which can be seen in the theater at Wynn.

Nature Reserve Grand Canyon

If you are tired of civilization and want to enjoy nature – is approximately 230 kilometers from the city is a unique natural reserve Grand – Canyon . It refers to places U.S. national pride and is a truly awesome sight. Thanks to the play of light, canyon changes color throughout the day and there are obtained very beautiful pictures.

Grand - Canyon

Besides the 8th wonder of the world is not far from Las Vegas are located, and other sights that nature itself.These include the Valley of Death, Valley of Fire, Lake Powell , Hoover Dam and national parks. All of these natural resources, including the sunny climate of the city, make Las Vegas more attractive to tourists.

Canyon to Las Vegas