Only a few hundred kilometers from Phuket are the most beautiful island in the world – coral island Similan Islands in Thailand . What enthusiastic words about them you will not hear, but most often repeated, “the heavenly places.”

Island Similianы Taiiland

Similanovy Islands

If anyone visited the Seychelles, you can not help compare them with Similanovymi islands, thanks to the incredible size boulders, smooth to the touch, like a baby’s skin. But the comparison ends. The best time to visit the islands ridges Similan from January to April. Rainy season, which has not been canceled, that spoil the perception of natural beauty and tranquility that reigns on the islands in the winter and spring. Restless ocean, and heaven and extreme – two incompatible things. It is possible to wait for quite a season and buy last minuteat a price much lower than the initial.

Similan name means – nine. That is the number of islands and is located in the archipelago. All the islands are beautiful in their own way, so the highlight of which 1 or 5, 2 or 7, is almost impossible.

Diving in Thailand

Islands are a dream divers . To be here and not be submerged, nonsense. Blue water such that your eyes hurt.Vegetation is bright emerald green, sand silver pearl, all creates a feeling that the world is not yet spoiled by civilization, pristine beauty is not compromised. But as soon as the boats start approaching, you realize that you are not alone in this celebration of life.


Sea turtles live in an incredible amount on the islands. They are very fond of bananas, people taught them to him. Therefore, if you want to get to know these animals, do not be lazy to bring or buy on the islands is a treat.

In 1982, named Similan Island National Park and protected by the state.