Jeju has a regular elliptical shape. It is of volcanic origin, and it reminds of the Greek island of Santorini . Its in the southern part of South Korea. It is the largest of all the islands, which belong to this country. UNESCO has listed it a wonder in its list of World Natural Heritage sites.


Jeju – is it any wonder?

The first thing that strikes the imagination, when you get to the island of Jeju – a volcano Hala, which is located right in the center of Jeju. Naturally, the volcano is no longer valid, the last time it erupted more than a millennium ago, but it still impresses. By the way, his top is the highest point in all of South Korea and reaches 1950 meters.

The island has a lot of variety of museums. But the most interesting museum of erotica museum chocolate lovers alley. In addition, there Bansal Park – only in Korea but also Emidzhi – one of the largest botanical gardens in the whole of Asia.

island in Korea

Call of the Wild

The island has many interesting characters that have their origins in the distant past. For example, Tolharubany – old statue made of black lava. They rubbed noses, according to legend, depending on which side you rub, you have a boy or a girl. And in ancient times women exposed lava grandfathers, in the hope that the enemy will think that there are many men. Although the entire male population took the day fishing or hunting.

Jeju Island

Hone – is female diver who dive to a depth of 20 meters … without scuba gear! They extract clams, sea cucumbers, octopus. By the way, there is a gourmet ode to good news. Jeju Island is known for the huge number of different varieties of mandarins. There is little kumquats, tangerines with special “cap” hallabony and more.

Beauty Jeju

The island has unusual rock Chusangcholli. Until now, no one can answer the question of how they arose.Therefore, the most incredible theories are born. But rock Chusangcholli just very beautiful, so it’s worth to see.

Also of nature’s wonders can be advised to visit the falls Chongbang. It is unique in that it is the only waterfall in Asia, the water that falls directly into the ocean.

Jeju Korea

Jeju – a beautiful island that keeps a lot of unusual natural monuments. As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times. So go there and see with your own eyes!