It’s no secret that the heroine of the film and television series – CARRIE BRADSHAW , Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York – fictional, and so their roles can performers, as it turned out, replace WITH NEW ACTRESSES , but a place in New York City, who visit four famous friends from the “Sex and the City”, the most that neither is true … and unchanging. Brought them into movies by the idea of “Sex and the City” and the prototype of Carrie Bradshaw Candace Bushnell.

Heroine of ” SEX AND THE CITY “became a role model for many women, and not just middle-aged. On the wave of popularity of the series even began to travel agencies organize special tours of New York – favorite places heroines of “Sex and the City.”

Traveling to New York for the filming location of “Sex and the City” will cost the price of 850 euro (excluding airfare). But if you want to walk in the footsteps own Carrie Bradshaw and her friends, you can just read the article on, and after safely book flights to NEW YORK and buying guide – a place we call ourselves.

Favorite place in New York heroines of “Sex and the City”: Manhattan

 Favourite places heroines of "Sex and the City"Favourite places heroines of “Sex and the City”

The heroine of the film “Sex and the City” adore SHOPPING . And they are doing it almost as much as sex. Trendy new items purchased from the largest shopping centers (such as Saks Inc and Barneys), and exclusive favors – in the benches, which are fraught with a lot of interesting its bosom.

Typically, the way CARRIE BRADSHAW and her friends lying on Manhattan, where the best boutiques trendsetters.

Large department stores, which was chosen by Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are located in midtown, near 5th and Madison Avenue. And if you look while shopping in Greenwich Village and SoHo, you can get into blocks of cafes, shops, jewelry, souvenirs and art galleries. It was there that Charlotte considered paintings and analyzed, how complicated the life of her girlfriends and how difficult it is to find the man of her dreams.

SoHo is a favorite confectionery and HEROINES OF “SEX AND THE CITY” Magnolia Bakery. To understand what it attracted them so worth a try favorite cream cakes and cupcakes Carrie, Samand, Miranda and Charlotte.

It will be interesting to visit Manhattan jewelry store Tiffany, where Charlotte bought an engagement ring for his first wedding. Despite the fact that it was unsuccessful, jewelery shop attend the film’s heroine in a heartbeat.

If you want to buy clothes from the designer that created the style of all the heroines of “Sex”, you need to visit the boutique stylist Patricia Field.

Favourite places in New York heroines of “Sex and the City”: Clubs

According to the scenario of the heroine of “Sex and the City” love partying in fashionable clubs of New York and private receptions. Space required to visit this restaurants Balthazar and Pasties and clubs Bungalow 8, Lotus and Mercury Lounge. Thanks to the “Sex and the City” the popularity of these institutions has every conceivable record for visits.

Miranda’s favorite place in New York: Brooklyn

 Brooklyn Bridge - any place of the heroine of "Sex and the City"

Brooklyn Bridge – any place of the heroine of “Sex and the City”

This is A PLACE in New York is worth a visit, as it is associated with mental torments the heroine of “Sex and the City” Miranda. Her romantic reunion on the Brooklyn Bridge with Steve many girls can set a romantic mood. And recall that every city has the same bridge where thousands of couples are reconciled after a disagreement.

There is a sign that if the center of the bridge to make a wish about yourself and a loved one, it will come true. Why not check it out, being on the Brooklyn Bridge? And if it comes true, it will be possible to understand how happy themselves felt at the very moment Miranda.

However, the bridge – this is probably the only place which is worth a visit for the sake of Brooklyn.

Carrie Bradshaw favorite place in New York: Upper East Side

 House heroine of "Sex and the City" Carrie BradshawHouse heroine of “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw

And let’s go back to Manhattan – a place where lived THE HEROINE OF “SEX AND THE CITY” Carrie Bradshaw. Her home was in one of the most prestigious areas of Manhattan – in Upper East Side. However … in fact been selected for filming West Village.

New York should also be sure to visit Central Park, where more than once walked the heroine of “Sex and the City” and Carrie even had to risk their lives and fall into the pond with the man of her dreams.

Should definitely visit two PLACES in Manhattan: to stand on the steps of the New York Library, where the most tragic event in the life of Kerry: she was abandoned bride (here thrashed man of her dreams wedding bouquet) – and walk in front of City Hall in Manhattan ( within its walls CARRIE BRADSHAW married).

Travel to New York favorite places heroines of “Sex and the City” – a typically female voyage. So this tour is worth to go with a friend – film groupies.