Halong Bay – this is one of the most spectacular places on earth. How to get to the bay, you can see on the map. It is located on the Vietnamese coast . This dazzling beauty spot was created by nature, and it is up to this time has maintained its purity. When you are there, you feel in the pristine surroundings of nature in the tropics.


However, Halong Bay in Vietnam – not just a bay, and the huge combination of different green islands . Their amount is about 1,600 units. The total area of the whole territory close 1500 km2. Now that you understand the variety of what is the local land and underwater .


The word “Hallong”

Interesting is also the name of the bay “Halong”, translated it means – “The place where the dragon descended to earth.” Another word associated with this exciting local legend which says that all the islands of Halong Bay called created by some mythical creature. In the bay, or rather, in the mountains – lived long dragon, and when the creature decided to walk around the surrounding area, then it touched down and smashed a huge tail numerous valleys, which were at the foot of the cliffs. After some time, the same mythical dragon decided to swim in the clear waters of the bay, when he sank back, a lot of water came out of the gulf shores and flooded neighborhood, leaving on the surface only small islands.


Halong Bay Islands

The most famous site of Halong Bay – this island called Tuan Chau, it was some time the residence of Vietnamese politics – Ho Chi Minh. Island has unsurpassed beauty and amazing, it reigns unique atmosphere.This island is the only part of the archipelago of Halong Bay, it is connected with the mainland by a bridge. In Tuan Chau can enjoy the beautiful scenery, there are many lakes, pine trees, scenic magnificent beaches of fine white sand and emerald water.


Cat Ba – is the largest of the island of Halong Bay. In 1986, half of the picturesque island has been named a National Park in Vietnam.

island in Vietnam

Halong Bay

In Halong Bay, you can see a large number of caves and grottoes, the most famous of which are: Heavenly Palace Grotto Bonanno Maiden cave. But as the most charming beauty of Halong Bay Cave, of course, – Dau Go.Drum Grotto, is also popular for its wafting from deep sounds of drums, with strong gusts of wind.

Heavenly Palace

In 1994, Ha Long Bay contributed to the honourable list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.