On the Spanish island of Mallorca meet fully clothed, and if the outfit is deemed too revealing, meet a fine. A new law regulating the appearance of visitors and residents of the resort, will come into force in late May after two years of discussions, according to “The Daily Telegraph”.

The intentions of the City Council of Palma de Mallorca serious: Tourists strolling in bathing suits, and especially topless or in a bikini, on city streets, will be fined. The same applies to visitors to cafes and restaurants, including those located on the Mediterranean coast, decided to dine in too skimpy clothes.The fine for an unseemly appearance is up to 600 euros.

At the same time in other European resorts, despite the loose morals, swimsuits are only relevant for the beach or poolside at the hotels. Topless sunbathing is allowed on the resorts of Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Cyprus – but only on the beaches. Hiking in the beachside restaurant, cafe or other public place in swimming trunks or bikini tacitly considered bad manners. Often owners ask tourists and locals also refrain from openly beachwear – sarongs, flip flops, shorts and open shirts. On its rules places reported special stickers hanging on the front door: a swimsuit or trunks crossed eloquently symbolize the ban. Break it is not recommended. This is especially true status resorts on the Cote d’Azur and the Ligurian coast.