May holidays – an excellent opportunity for TRAVEL . Or even two. This year, we are planning from 1 to 4 May and another 9 to 11 May. Do you want to shake things up and plan the prefect summer vacation?

If you believe the forecasts of experts in the field of tourism, the most sought after destinations this spring will be the Russians southern latitudes – York and Tel Aviv. But the high popularity of the route does not mean high prices on the market. Incidentally, this year’s trip can cost you 20% cheaper! Experts tourist searcher Aviasales calculated that MAY TICKETS dropped significantly in price. You can save even more by following the simple tips.

Play dates

Flights to neighboring dates can cost quite differently. Say, fly to Paris on April 30 will cost 300 Euro more expensive than a flight that flies the day before. You can always find a better day in the calendar of tourist prices retriever named above.

Choose low cost flights

EasyJet flight ticket to London without food and suitcases worth 300 Euro – perfect for a short trip, because the classic carrier already cost you 30% more expensive. Why pay more? Especially that specialized service, expert opinion on which we rely, looking for cheap tickets and accommodation, and traditional airlines.

Try with transfer options

With long flights wiser to choose a flight with a small transfer. First, so you can relax, and secondly – save. If you look at the aforementioned online service, you can, for example, find a connecting flight to Bangkok 20 000 rubles cheaper than direct.

By the way, if you have not decided on plans, recommend action to the contrary. Offer TO TAKE THE TEST  and find out where you are just not worth it to go to the May holidays.

Wonderful holiday and all the bright positive impressions!

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