In Valencia, Spain has an amazing Oceanographic Park L’Oceanogràfic. It is unique in the number of animals presented here. And also the fact that geographically Oceanographic Park in Valencia – the largest in Europe.


What he – Oceanographic Park Valencia?

This is a huge park, which includes nine water aquariums. They have the form of towers, each, of which includes two levels. In these aquaria is a collection the major ecosystems of our planet: the Mediterranean, the Arctic polar oceans, the various islands, sea temperate and tropical climates, and others.

Besides the basic nine aquariums Oceanographic Park also has a dolphinarium. Also highlighted in the hotel zone inhabitants of the Red Sea, mangroves, swamps. And for spiritual rest in the territory L’Oceanogràfic create a beautiful garden. There are more than 80 kinds of variety of plants.


Oceanographic Park – a few figures

Oceanographic Park built in 2002. L’Oceanogràfic territory is 110 000m ². To make it easier to understand – 42 million liters – a total volume of water in the tanks. 45000 animals which, in turn, are 500 different species.

Inhabitants oceanarium

Besides fish abound here mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates. To be more specific, here you’ll see sharks, dolphins, penguins, walruses, seals, beluga whales, and many others.


What is surprising?

The park has two glass tunnel. Their length reaches 105 meters. When you walk between them, it seems that walk hand in hand directly on the seabed.

Dolphinarium inhabitants delight visitors show program, giving a bang complicated dance steps and pirouettes.

Oceanographic Park Reveals Secrets

Many people are interested, here is taken from the same sea water to all the inhabitants of L’Oceanogràfic feel at ease. It is taken from the Playa de la Malvarrosa. And all quality requirements naturally taken into account.

The complex was built by Felix Candela. He avoided the use in designing oceanarium right angles and vertical lines. Read about the unique architecture, as well as see photos – here .