Egypt, lying on two continents and the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, occupies a large area. However, the bulk of it is covered desert sands. However, this state has one of the oldest stories in the world, and remains the most visited as an attractive tourist region. It takes a huge amount of travelers from different countries. As of today, and the Russians at the hearing, such as the names of its towns of Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and others. However, there is of Egyptian resorts such which many overseas visitors sometimes do not even know. One of them – El Quseir .

Egypt resort

Resort El Quseir

“White Harbor” or “small fortress” – this was called the city and so now translated its name. Despite its relatively small size, it boasts a surprisingly rich history, originating back in the times of the Pharaohs. He experienced periods of neglect, and bloomed again … Perhaps, the current period can be called another rise – El Quseir developed as a resort. While the average traveler does not always present itself – what is this place. By their carotid measured life of the hot sands with longstanding traditions and customs of centuries, he looks more like a village. But for experienced divers city became a Mecca literally. You can get here from Hurghada, way by bus takes about three hours. Being in close proximity to the popular resorts crowded, El Quseir has managed to remain virtually untouched oasis in the midst of a vast desert. So, if you want to stay in a secluded backwater – is perhaps the most convenient area of Egypt, and the weather in El Quseir is the same as the entire country – smooth, very warm, little or no rainfall.

Diving. Egypt

It affects local underwater unique coral reefs, which are filled with fascinating collection of tropical plants and animals. Dolphins, barracudas, stingrays, sharks – the usual inhabitants of these waters. Although it is worth noting that the reefs quite deep water and dive better with some training. For diving enthusiasts of no less importance than the weather on the coast is flat, and the sea itself has, with the sea temperature in El Quseirtoo happy: all year round – from 23 to 29. Of course, a beach holiday on the combination of all these natural factors favorably comfort, but still much more satisfaction from the trip here is given to those who have learned to dive.

Diving at the resort

Here you can take and dive safaris: rent a boat (you can even for a few days), the necessary equipment for hire, and – go away from the shore. Popular routes are also similar to the national parks – Brothers or Dedimze.However, these trips can not commit on a chartered yacht, but only on vessels that have special permission.