Environmental stay in Vietnam: why wait?

The new trend in tourism – ecological HOLIDAYS . Tour operators are increasingly offering their customers to touch the pristine nature and feel her small part. What is it to yourself to feel our heroine, the manager agreed to the proposal to hold an eco-holiday in VIETNAM .

Natalia a couple of times a year certainly leaves Ireland to soak up the warm rays of the tropical sun, or wander through the streets of European cities. She always chooses the classic tours with traditional program: airport-hotel-tour-beach-hotel-airport. And when I wanted something fresh, agreed on a new direction proposed by the travel agent – ecological holiday in Vietnam.

Check details with the manager about what awaits her, Natalia was not thinking. And when an employee OF THE HOTEL brought her things in a good hut, consisting of two rooms, she was surprised, even dumbfounded. Where the usual room with shower, TV, air conditioning and a small fridge? Instead, Natalia saw broad bed of wood and chairs made ​​of rattan, bamboo mats and curtains from some local natural fabric.

When shock and a desire to change the eco-hotel on something more familiar passed, Natalia decided that environmental stay – it’s even fun. After all, she had never lived for two weeks without the usual appliances. And seeing shower, located about 15 meters from the hut, resigned to the fact that it will have to overcome the distance with wet hair as well as hair dryer was excluded as not fitting into eco-tourism.

No iron initially worried, but when the maid to ask this question, as there was a right decision. Natalie offered to keep clothes requiring ironing, in a room on a chair. And half an hour later the problem was solved by crumpled folds.

Environmental stay in VietnamEnvironmental stay in Vietnam

Environmental stay in Vietnam: food and SPA

On site girl found SPA-salon, which also worked adherents ecological direction. All creams, lotions, shampoos and other cosmetics were produced locally. Preparing them exclusively from natural ingredients without any artificial ingredients. Skin after SPA-PROCEDURES significantly transformed and looked fresh and relaxed.

Another surprise was presented menu. The chefs were no exception, and to contribute to its ecological status. All dishes are prepared from vegetables and fish. Could also order something familiar, for example, from a bird. But Natalia decided to immerse themselves in a new sensation for her.

It turns out, freshly caught fish, stewed with a little butter and vegetables can be very tasty. A local seasoning’s, which generously seasoned cook their meals, making them truly fabulous.

Two weeks ecological HOLIDAY in Vietnam could do something that could not be achieved by means of a long diet.Proper nutrition from fresh ingredients with a minimum of calories has added harmony figure. And the feeling of hunger while never visited.

Natalia on the island felt like a superstar where the girls enjoyed the stay and delicious drink in the heavenly islands. Beaches in Vietnam perfectly clean, the staff brought them to order every morning.

Environmental stay in VietnamEnvironmental stay in Vietnam

Environmental stay in Vietnam tours and entertainment

The only thing that upset Natalia during ecological HOLIDAY in Vietnam – is the lack of youth entertainment. Her island was not nightclubs, which Natalia used. Interesting to spend an evening, had to travel by boat to a nearby island where the pace of life was more intense.

But in the TOURS were not lacking. The girl visited a farm where they grow pearls, and became the owner of the stunning beauty of the necklace over a sufficiently symbolic price. Interesting was the biggest ride in VIETNAM pepper plantation. But most enjoyed travelling to the market Zyongdong. It was a delightful shopping experience. Natalia was able to find the best in the world, in its opinion, silk, from which conceived stitch ethnic costume.

Two weeks ecological rest in Vietnam for the girl flew fast enough. She was accustomed to life without the usual appliances and no longer distressed, as in the first days of THE HOLIDAY , the absence of household appliances.

Natalia even found a “girlfriend” – a small frog that came every morning to the bathroom and sat on the sink, watching spellbound guest. Curious creature was not like Russian frogs and beautifully shimmered emerald hues.

Leaving Vietnam, girl taking away a pleasant experience and a desire to return here again. Still, the environmental holiday has its own charm – you can feel a small part of nature and to understand that extra urban bustle, semi finished products and fast food for dinner – it’s unnatural and disturbs the harmony of the world.