«To all who come to this happy place – welcome!»  These initiations its visitors are met with Disneyland, except the park in Orlando. And today we learn about the wonders of these parks a little more.

Do you remember how it all began …

Any business is impossible without ideas. It is ideas that move the world, they change it. Sometime, somewhere between 1930 and 1940, at the head of Walt Disney came a great idea – and not for the kids to do if an amusement park? With fun and exciting attractions to all it was fun. The fact that all the parks that Disney was visiting with her daughters, clearly inferior to all his fantasies. I wanted to create something which would have revived all the magical characters enchanting world of Disney. Incidentally, the first place the planned park near the house of a great director. But after much deliberation, the decision to buy was a sight to territory B160 acres (ravno65 ha), which is located next to Anaheim. This event occurred in 1953. After a couple of years brought park rides to spectators visitors.

This Disneyland Park works to this day, and very successfully. Total visited here as many people as there was no one in the park in the world!

Amusement Park

Magic of Disneyland

The extraordinary popularity of Disneyland world is easily explained. First, a fresh and original idea. Second, the technical basis for each attraction lets make it so that the visitor really feels that floats through the jungle, sitting in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean, sees a ghost and more.

That is why the hurry to Disneyland and adults and children around the world. By the way, Walt Disney said about the parents that “Disneyland – it’s your country.” He explained this by saying that in this place you can “revive the memory of the past”, and here the young a taste for adventure.

How in the world Disneyland?

Total world five parks Disney name. One of them, the first one located in Anaheim (Calif.). We talked about it above.

There Disneyland Park in Orlando (FL). It is the largest and most visited park. It built four theme parks.


There is also an amusement park in Tokyo. This is the first Disneyland, built outside of America.


 In Europe, you can visit the miracle Disney in Paris. It was built in 1992.


 The youngest and the “small” Disneyland in Hong Kong. It was opened in 2005.