The Czech Republic is divided into small units: regions, and they, in turn, are divided on the ground. Northern territory of the Czech Republic divided into smaller regions: Mach Lusatian Mountains and other mountains. The whole area is a paradise for mountain lovers. Generally, Czech spas are among the best in the world. North-west of Bohemia – is a diverse area with a rich cultural offer. This region is known for its mountain bike trails.South Bohemia is an area of woodland, marshes and ponds full of fish. Czech Republic is full of stunning cliffs, valleys, also known folk architecture, castles, palaces and churches. Other regions of Pilsen, North Moravia and Silesia, South Moravia Central Moravia, the Bohemian Forest, Central Bohemia, Highlands region.

Czech Republic


Czech capital so charming that sometimes overshadows Budapest and even Vienna. If someone did not have the opportunity to see Paris, Rome, London, first go to Prague. Vysehrad, the old seat of Czech princes of the eleventh century, Prague Castle the largest medieval castle in the world, dating from the ninth century, the Golden Lane, where once lived the artisans and jewelers. Churches, museums, streets, towers … Unusual rock Czech town of sculpture on the Charles Bridge. You can spend a whole day to admire the statues, they attract a lot of people from around the world. Most of them can be considered during a boat trip on the Vltava. Generally, in the Czech Republic are so many beautiful bridges that fans will appreciate the beautiful architecture. With bridges in the Czech Republic are matched only by the St. Petersburg bridges, for which, incidentally, is to visit the cultural capital, especially since St. Petersburg hotel are cheaper than in Prague.


Czech Republic Attractions

In the capital of the Czech Republic is also on the Old Town Square statue of Jan Hus Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, and Wenceslas Square. It was here in 1969, the student’s self-immolation of Jan Palach, and in November 1989 held a protest demonstration against the brutal police actions, which was the impetus for the Velvet Revolution.

Czech wine

No matter how much finances in your pocket, you can always afford to drink good beer. Or in the cozy tavern, or in exclusive pubs. Czechs know how to have fun – drink, eat contentedly and tasteful. Czech society is characterized by good manners and a big commitment to the traditions of the state, especially to the patriotic values. Czechs are of particular relevance to religion. According to statistics, 59% of the population in the Czech Republic, is atheist or agnostic, and only 26% – Catholics.

Czech National Parks

In the Czech Republic there are four national parks: the Karkonosze National Park Sumava, Podyjí, Czech Switzerland. Famous Moravian Karst is a maze of wooded hills and limestone gorge. Most tourists tend here to walk around the very interesting and beautiful routes.