One of the most interesting cities in Sri Lanka is Colombo. Despite the fact that the capital – a very different city – Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte in Colombo (Sri Lanka) gathers no fewer tourists. And there is something to see.


Digging Deeper

Tell a little about the title. Colombo Sinhala Kola-amba-thota means mango harbor. No wonder it is a quiet cozy place once chosen first the Arabs , and then the Chinese and even the Roman merchants. In the XVI century the Portuguese arrived here, they and the city was named in honor of Christopher Columbus is nicely known. Later settled here Dutch, English and many others.

rich history

Life in contrasts

Colombo has a large harbor, 250 hectares, which is protected by three piers. Center of the city called “Fort”, and is located near the port. Here coexist on an equal footing most fashionable shops, banks, restaurants, and … the fortress, which was built during the reign of the Portuguese. Another interesting fact is that near the ancient sites you can easily see the modern, one might even say, postmodern, transportation ….

postmodern trucks

That at various times lived different tribes, nations also creates unusual contrasts in the city. Temples, monuments, clothing, food … Everything is so different, colorful, that having been once in Sri Lanka, if you plunge into the eastern and western culture at the same time!

temples and churches in Sri Lanka

The most that neither is on the center

Many say that Colombo – the capital of Sri Lanka , but it is not, in any case administratively. In all other respects, this expression is justified. Here and cultural development, and political aspects, and more. As for the shopping areas and, in general, the commercial aspect, Colombo here in the first place.

Attractions in Colombo

Colombo. Sri Lanka. Attractions

Temples of the most famous is the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara . This combination of Sinhala architecture and art. Frescoes eloquently about the Buddha. No less interesting attraction is a Hindu temple Katiseran. It is made ​​of Indian granite. Do not forget to visit the temple called Sri Bala Selva Vinayagar-Murthy, DG has everything to learn more about Shiva and Ganesha. And the temple of Shiva called Sabramanya-Swami.

If we talk about cathedrals, it is worth mentioning here the Cathedral of St. Lucia, and the church of St. Anthony and Peter. There are mosques in Colombo and, most important – Dzhamul-Alfar.


What is interesting?

Not far from this city in Sri Lanka is a zoo. This is one of the best zoos in all of Asia!

To make shopping lovers there is a whole area – Petah. In the narrow cobbled streets are hundreds of shops.There is everything for every taste! On every side street you meet certain goods specialization. For example, in the street you can buy Prince glassware and mirrors. In an alley called Gabo has everything for Ayurvedic healers. But on Sea Street can buy jewelry.

Sri Lanka

How to get to Colombo?

Sri Lanka Colombo airport – the city has an international airport, 35 km from its center. From there on a special “hotel-taxi” can be reached at any desired point. If finances do not allow, wait for the bus that goes to the fort. Will go for about two hours. Taxi a little faster.