If, during the HOLIDAYS there is a desire to tickle your nerves, why not do it in a cave? The tourism industry has recently offers amateur caving. You hand over the helmet, lantern, obvyazhut rope and give a lot of valuable advice.And that you came to understand how such an extreme LEISURE suits you, we will tell you what will happen in the bowels of the earth.

Caving relatively recently resorted to lay their ranks. It is all too difficult, dangerous and difficult – to descend into the cave, dive into underground lakes, testing pressure drops and more. And if you decide you can go with dignity all the tests that await underground, so you really nerobkogo dozen.


Geography speleoturizma

Caving is developing dynamically in the Krasnodar region, the Crimea and Abkhazia. Local nature has created thousands and not very deep caves, which annually stormed hundreds of cavers.

However, tourists will be happy, not all caves. For beginners to develop simple routes, where do not have to wade crawling under overhanging rocks, dive into the underground lake or a long time to breathe in oxygen. “Minimum and maximum danger impressions” – the motto of the companies that provide this extreme entertainment.Realizing that we are talking about people’s lives, cavers create such ROUTES , due to the very impressionable tourists do not have to turn off the campaign and call a medical team.

Recommended only bold

Having decided to descend into the bowels of the underground, you have to objectively evaluate their capabilities.Otherwise become a burden to other travelers and professional cavers ¸ which, of course, will help, but the underground tour for them already be overshadowed.

You do not have to worry if you are over 18, you’re not claustrophobic, you transfer the pressure drops, not afraid of the dark, you know how to swim and dive without shivering like a leaf, have sufficient physical fitness to climb over rocks and crawl underneath. Strength, agility and endurance – these three terms speleopohoda your success.


Virtual speleopohod

Imagine yourself at the starting point from where to start speleopohod. Group leader gives all instructions.Encourages the confused and teaches all use a compass. When surrounded by thick darkness, he could only bring to sunlight.

Also willing to try yourself caving important to remember an important rule in the campaign – not to fend off the group to go alongside the other participants of the tour. There are many treacherous caves that captivate with their beauty. And we need only to distract the group is removed to such a distance that it would be difficult to find.

If you do not see themselves on vacation without a camera and video camera, to closely monitor the equipment.Sometimes due to high humidity impossible to capture all the beauty of the underworld. Therefore it is necessary to know in advance about the conditions of photo and video to the cave, which you recommend a travel agency.

Be ready for the emergence of abrasions and bruises. And if I have to crawl their way under the stone arches, there is a risk of more serious wounds – alas, caving and features to it. Fortunately, the head of the group always has with him medicines, so that first aid will usually very quickly.

Most desperate tourists try to get on with a visit speleotur underground lake. This stunning beauty of the spectacle.Among the stone arches and narrow passages suddenly opens the water surface. Some daredevils risk even swim. The water temperature in the underground lake rarely exceed 15-16 degrees, but for the sake of memories for a lifetime can hold your breath to suppress a squeal from the cold, and then pounded vigorously with a towel and keep warm warm tea from a thermos.

Duration depends on the category speleotura difficulties cave. The passage of the first category of complexity – from 2 to 8 hours. Depth a cave does not exceed 100 meters, there are rare water sources, and narrow areas and overhanging rock newcomers overcome snap. Most often speleotury pave it in such caves, because in the depth of the second category of complexity, which reaches 180 meters, can be water traps and other obstacles.

Most often it happens, for two days. However, do not be afraid, you will not have to spend all 48 hours in a cave.ROUTE designed so that tourists get on foot to the cave broke tent camp, cooked dinner over a campfire under a starry sky and sang songs to the guitar. And in the morning with fresh forces down into the cave.

Such is the extreme VACATION … If you are sure you can go through all the tests, which prepares caving, try to make our virtual tour in real. And when fellow colleagues will share the ordinary experiences and memories of past HOLIDAYS , you certainly surprised everyone with his story about the daring JOURNEY into the bowels of the earth – about caving.