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7 Holiday ideas for the summer season

"I want summer to last forever ..." - is not the words we regularly repeat itself about the middle of August? Let's not hope for a miracle, and ...


Let’s go to Tel Aviv!

The four-hour flight ..., VISA-FREE BORDER  - and here we are surrounded by palm trees and traders shawarma. It stretches along the horizon t...


Spring, Summer, Autumm, Winter…. and again Spring: Spend all year in Greece

Would you like to enjoy the immaculate beaches of the Cyclades islands and picturesque seascapes? Explore the small Greek village at the foot ...

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What a wonderful World! Attractions Basel

I carried a beautiful dream, And in the fragrant air-calmness, In a country where bunches of amber-gold, I recognize myself above the Rhine. ...


Fly like a dream. Where to go on holidays in May?

May holidays - an excellent opportunity for TRAVEL . Or even two. This year, we are planning from 1 to 4 May and another 9 to 11 May. Do...