Is not far off the summer, and many have already started planning your vacation. Someone wants to spend it actively, and someone – passively. Someone interesting to climb the mountains (for example, solve the riddle of Mount Kailash in Tibet ), and that not for a moment to linger in the room, and someone wants to just lie on the beach (and sometimes even visit a nudist beach ) and throw all that fatigue that has accumulated in a year.Turkish town of Canakkale is for those tourists who love peace and quiet.


History Canakkale

Canakkale – a resort town, which occupies an area of 938 square meters, and the Dardanelles carefully washes its shores. But despite its small area, the city carries a large function. First, it connects two continents – Europe and Asia. Secondly, in this unique city “found” two sea coast – Aegean and Marmara.

Embankment in Turkey

Canakkale was founded in about 4800 BC. The city has a military background, we know that it was originally the Ottoman fortress, and in 1451 Sultan Mehmet built on its territory two more forts, to be able to control all the passing ships. Thus, after completion of all military affairs since 1915 within the walls of these strongholds is a museum that is dedicated to the Battle of Çanakkale.

Beaches in Turkey

In the 18th century the city became a center of pottery in its symbiosis of historical events, the city got its name (Turkish Çanak – pot, kale – fortress).

Where to go? Canakkale map

When bored lying on the beach, you can get into the city center where you can buy fresh fruit most exotic and vegetables. Wandered along the promenade and enjoy the Trojan kinokonem which the city was left after filming the Hollywood movie “Troy”.


Hollywood gift is not accidental, because another momentous historical event, which refers to the city, is the Troy war. It Canakkale witnessed tragic times for Troy.


Just 30 kilometers from the city is a museum city of Troy , where you can witness the full-length, as well as to go inside that same Troy horse. Getting there is easy enough, an hourly buses. Fare – 3 lira.

Trojan Horse

On the way to Troy, I advise you to visit the old city of ACOs . This city is unique in that it is prohibited the construction of modern buildings and so the town has retained its historic look. It is located on the Aegean coast, here are small and cozy streets, blooming flower beds, and the air is fragrant with floral aromas.

Asosa building in Turkey

It is known that ACOs was founded by the Greeks colonists before our era. Greeks built on the lands of the citytemple of Athena , the ruins of which modern man can now watch, sitting in a restaurant and drinking Turkish tea from special glasses.


Kitchen Canakkale

Since the city is considered a port, it is not surprising that there is a specialty fish and seafood. Here popular sardines in grape leaves, şakşuka (beans, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, onions), “cheese eggplant.” And that’s all you can drink wine brand, which is produced on the islands near Canakkale, brand Bozcaada. It certainly is not Italian cuisine , but also very tasty!

night in Canakkale