Dinosaur Museum in Canada: General Information

If you are lucky enough to be in Canada, do not miss the chance to visit the largest in the WORLD dinosaur museum. After all, you can plunge into the distant past of our planet and see those who have lived on Earth long before the days when the Ice Age came.

Dinosaur Museum is located in Drumheller (Canada). Paleontologists believe that this CITY is built on the graveyard of dinosaurs. How else to explain that almost every excavations are successful and museum collection is constantly updated? In the year it increased by about 2000 copies!

Well, if you’re not willing to consider a coward and at arm’s length those who strikes fear in all the former inhabitants of the planet, – Prepare the camera just before the entrance. Literally at the door of the museum you will meet “gatekeepers” – a pair of huge dinosaurs, whose mission is to welcome guests.

When there is a large influx of excursions, TOURISTS waiting patiently for their turn to be photographed with prehistoric reptiles. Everyone wants to capture prey at home with the Giants, although this opportunity will more than once in the exhibition halls of the museum.

Guides allow visitors to use cameras and camcorders. They understand that the memory of such a spectacle should not just keep on for many years in his memory, but also to share with others fotovpechatleniyami. Therefore, the most advantageous in terms of photography, exhibits are in the relative availability of museum visitors. For example, are very popular among tourists biggest dinosaur jaw. Traditional photo – head visitor between predator canines.

Dinosaur Museum in Canada

Dinosaur Museum in Canada

Dinosaur Museum in Canada mini-tour of the halls

So you do not get lost in the variety of exposures, immediately identify that you would like to see. In a program that can be borrowed for free at the entrance clearly shows halls with their subjects. Interested Mesozoic era or Paleozoic? Or you still want to look at dinosaur fossils? Can not limit itself in time, because you have time to see everything planned. For the convenience of tourists museum is open seven days a week. This means that you will be able to see the exhibition, showing the age of dinosaurs of different generations.

Pride of the museum – 35 complete skeletons predators that uniquely preserved ever since the ice age. Among them are the dinosaurs up to 40 meters, which photographed unlikely to succeed, and the smallest dinosaur the size of a chicken. Do not be surprised, but once lived on Earth and these tiny predators.

Dinosaur Museum is no stranger to new technologies. In one of the rooms offer visitors to take a virtual WALKthrough the rainforest, where dinosaurs roam. There is so powerful sense of reality that it’s hard to believe that this is just an interactive JOURNEY into the past.

There are those halls of the museum, in which the skin can run chill. The fact that some exhibits storage conditions do not allow them to be exposed to sunlight, otherwise children can lose the memory of the ancient dinosaurs.Therefore, items are exhibited in the twilight, and look a bit ominously on a dark canvas fangs, skulls and skeletons other elements predators.

Museum organized in contrasts. There is in him the spirit and entertainment. In one of the halls of the museum you can not just look at the predators, but also take a ride on them. Of course, it will not be valuable exhibit, which paleontologists bone meticulously collected during the excavations, and the modern version of the predator. As our compatriots who were in visiting Canadian dinosaurs: “It seems even the creeps sneaks.”

Dinosaur Museum in Canada

Dinosaur Museum in Canada

Dinosaur Museum in Canada: the price for entrance

To see firsthand the dinosaurs, you will not have to shell out too much. Admission fee is quite democratic: loversTRAVEL in age from 18 to 60 years old pay 10 dollars, teenagers – $ 6, and kids can be considered free of predators. Photography, unlike most Russian museums and EXHIBITIONS , also free.

The museum’s gift shop. Do not forget to look into it before leaving Drumheller. On the shelves you will find the figures dinosaurs of different sizes, made of wood, clay, wax and other materials.